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A Conclusion of a System

This is an enlargement and revision of a previously published article (September, 2014) Jehovah’s Witnesses have accomplished the greatest evangelical work in history. Under the direction of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society the good news of God’s grand Kingdom has been preached to the ends of the earth. As an example of the reach of [...]

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What is the 666 mark of the beast?

QUESTION: What is the mark of the beast and how can one avoid having such a mark? __________ ANSWER: That is a good question. It is a question that Jehovah’s Witnesses should seriously reconsider. But to better appreciate the significance of the 666 mark of the beast the question ought to be rephrased to ask: What [...]

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What Do The Seven Times Mean?

This article was prompted by a question from a reader. For more questions from readers see the Mailbag. If Christ's presence didn't begin in 1914 like Jehovah's witnesses teach, how do we explain the chronology Jehovah's witnesses use to lead up to 1914, that is, the seven times, or 2520 days?  _____________________   It seems reasonable that [...]

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Will There Be A New World Order?

New World Order (Right click for MP3 download) There are various and sundry conspiracy theories that come under the rubric of “new world order” – much of which is either intentionally diversionary or simply outlandish nonsense, seemingly intended to discredit everything categorized by the mainstream as a “conspiracy theory.” (For example, London’s Telegraph, [...]

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The Destroyer Will Be Destroyed

  Woe to you, you destroyer who has not been destroyed; You betrayer who has not been betrayed! When you finish destroying, you will be destroyed. When you finish betraying, you will be betrayed.  The 33rd chapter of Isaiah opens with the last of what is a series of woes that began with the 28th chapter announcing “woe [...]

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What the Near Future Holds

“What the near future holds” is the title of a talk outline presented by elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Representatives of the Watchtower Society have also delivered variations of the discourse in recent years.


Over the years the Watchtower Society has published volumes of interpretations of Bible prophecy.  Aside from their saying “peace and security,” the destruction of Babylon the great and the actual war of Armageddon, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been led to believe that nearly all prophecy has already been fulfilled. In fact, the Watchtower is fond of saying that prophecy cannot really be understood until after it is fulfilled.

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The Spanish Armada or World War III?

This entry is an edited repost of an article that was  published in September 2008

With the looming threat of war against Iran before the end of the year it seems particularly timely to consider the ill-fated Spanish Armada of the 16th century, at least the Watchtower Society’s perspective of it.

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Woe to the Stupid Prophets

In the 13th chapter of Ezekiel Jehovah commanded his watchman to denounce the “stupid prophets” of Israel – Jehovah spoke to Ezekiel: “Son of man, prophesy concerning the prophets of Israel who are prophesying, and you must say to those prophesying out of their own heart, ‘Hear the word of Jehovah. This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “Woe to the stupid prophets, who are walking after their own spirit, when there is nothing that they have seen!’”

Jehovah went on to state concerning the “stupid prophets”: “They have visioned what is untrue and a lying divination, those who are saying, ‘The utterance of Jehovah is,’ when Jehovah himself has not sent them, and they have waited to have a word come true. Is it not an untrue vision that you men have visioned, and a lying divination that you have said, when saying, ‘The utterance of Jehovah is,’ when I myself have spoken nothing?”’

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses claims to be the voice of a modern-day Ezekiel-like prophet. The Watchtower Society also takes to itself numerous titles besides the “Ezekiel class,” such as the “Jeremiah class,” the “Micah class” and the “John class”; while the modern counterpart to the house of Israel in this instance is supposedly all of Christendom. Though not claiming to be directly inspired, as were the original prophets, the Watchtower Society boasts of having unique insights into the biblical prophecies and inspired visions and an exclusive appointment from on high to serve in the capacity of a prophet by announcing the coming destruction of Christendom and all the realm of Babylon the Great. In so doing, the Watchtower Society unquestionably speaks in the name of Jehovah, saying as it were: “The utterance of Jehovah is…”


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