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Will There Be A New World Order?

New World Order (Right click for MP3 download) There are various and sundry conspiracy theories that come under the rubric of “new world order” – much of which is either intentionally diversionary or simply outlandish nonsense, seemingly intended to discredit everything categorized by the mainstream as a “conspiracy theory.” (For example, London’s Telegraph, [...]

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The Hour of Test Coming Upon the World

According to the Watch Tower 1914 was the most important date in all of human history. As all of Jehovah’s Witnesses know, virtually all prophecy has been anchored to that date. Up until about 1970 the Watch Tower insisted that the great tribulation had even begun back in 1914, but that God had cut it short and the world was in that eye-of the-storm interval.

Supposedly, too, the eighth king began ruling for his prophesied one hour way back in the immediate post World War One period, when the League of Nations was established. But, so far not one Jehovah’s Witnesses has accepted my challenge to explain how the League of Nations may have prevented everyone from buying and selling and just why God would arbitrarily condemn anyone to everlasting death for having once thought the now-defunct League was an admirable institution?

 And, of course, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Satan’s “short period of time” to terrorize the world has been ongoing for nearly a century, even though the world in general has been enjoying an extended period of relative peace and prosperity since the Second World War.

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Will Christianity Survive the End of the World?

A consideration of the 27th chapter of Isaiah and related prophecies.  The question of which shall end first—Christianity or the world—may seem like a strange topic to even consider. No doubt Jehovah's Witnesses naturally assume that true Christianity will without question outlive, not only the present evil world, but especially that brand of counterfeit Christianity [...]

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Why Jehovah’s Witnesses?


Who are Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses? Are they the true worshippers of God – the true light-bearers, as the Watchtower Society claims? What makes the witnesses of Jehovah so special? Do they really believe that they are the only ones who will receive salvation? After all, many accuse Jehovah’s  Witnesses of being a satanic cult. How could such a maligned sect possibly be the only true faith?


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