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Consequences for the Watchtower’s Child Abuse Policy

QUESTION: Dear Robert, how is it that that sex offenders out in the world have to go on a sex registry that lets parents know of child molesters living in their neighborhood, that secular law prohibits sex offenders from living within range of a school or park... and yet a sex offender could be sitting [...]

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Governing Body now says abuse victims may be compensated

One of the most senior members of the Jehovah's Witness Church worldwide said compensation could be made to people allegedly sexually abused within its ranks if there was a Biblical basis for a redress scheme. . Geoffrey Jackson is one of seven men on the church's New York-based Governing Body, which oversees decisions regarding the [...]

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Response to email comment…

Comment: You make mention of the Society covering up child abuse, the fact is, in
Corinth the congregation was in a poor state spiritually, including sexual
immorality. It is likely the elders in that congregation were part of a cover up. In
Revelation it mentions 7 letters & seven lampstands meaning the world wide
congregation. Not all of the words in the seven letters were complimentary.

When we leave after our meeting to go home, it is fair to say that many come home to broken homes, but it is also fair to say many come home to happy families.
The arrangement is perfect but the people are not.. King David realized this when he
regretted cutting the sleeve of King Saul, God's anointed one. David could not
respect the bad things Saul did but David nonetheless respected God's arrangement.


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Yes, The Watchtower Society Does Protect Pedophiles

SHIELDS GAZETTE - DAILY MAIL ONLINE    - THE JOURNAL    - THE SUNDERLAND ECHO "CHURCH officials hushed up a child sex scandal in their ranks and refused to co-operate with police." Over the years the Watchtower Society has been accused over and over by hundreds of child abuse victims and their advocates of enforcing policies upon congregation elders that result [...]

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Is Your Elder a Known Child Molester?

Over the past 10 years the Watch Tower Society has been rocked by allegations of covering up child sexual abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses. After paying out millions in low-profile out-of-court settlements, in 2012 the Watchtower lost a widely publicized lawsuit in what has amounted to the largest dollar judgment in any case of this kind – being socked for a staggering $28 million. A jury found that the leadership of the organization instituted policies that provided cover for a known sex offender.

In the aftermath of that massive judgment against them one would imagine that Bethel would change their policies and try to be more proactive in preventing these horrific crimes from being committed against the children of Jehovah's Witnesses under their watch. But according to the latest communiqué with the elders in the United States, not much has changed. Here is an excerpt from the attached PDF:

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Jehovah is a God of Judgment

Jehovah first demonstrated that he was a God of judgment back in the Garden of Eden, not only when he sentenced the trespassing Adam and Eve to death, but he also foretold the long-running enmity that would develop between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, culminating with the crushing of the serpent and its brood.

Although Almighty God is fully capable and determined to ultimately accomplish his originally stated purpose to have mankind dwell in peace and perfection on this beautiful planet, since our fruit-pilfering parents were ousted from Eden God has had to patiently deal with a degenerating race of sinners. And fortunately for us the Grand Instructor is up to the task.

It was an entirely different world on the outside of Eden. By disobeying Jehovah humanity unwittingly subjected itself to the rebel angel who cunningly used a lowly reptile to deceive Eve and who has subsequently become known as Satan, the Devil.


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Their Heart Has Become Hypocritical

Since the rebellion in Eden God’s purpose has been to produce a seed. Because of his faith Abraham was chosen as the one through whom the seed would eventually come. Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, whose name God changed to Israel, had twelve sons that produced the twelve tribes of Israel. For that reason in later centuries God referred to the nation as “Jacob” and more commonly “Israel.”

Eventually, Judah produced the Christ and after that others were anointed to become part of the seed along with Jesus. Because they are to be the actual seed of blessing God promised would come through Abraham, the Christian seed is the real Israel of God. Paul explained these things in his letter to the Galatians.

At any rate, the Christian Israel of God became corrupt too, just like Israel had before it – even as the founding apostles foretold would occur. But before the conclusion of the system a new generation of anointed persons would appear in the world, thus constituting the Israel of God in modern times. Since its inception the Watchtower Society has been the seedbed for anointed Christians (and consequently the weed patch as well) first called the International Bible Students and since 1931, Jehovah's Witnesses; making Bethel a sort of capital city for the spiritual nation that has formed.

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A Conspiracy of Silence Continues

As of May the 10th the mainstream media is beginning to cover the Silentlambs’ press release publicizing the Watchtower’s recent million-dollar payout to 16 victims of child sexual abuse. Evidently the legal department felt that they did not have a very strong case going into court, and so as shrewd lawyers often do they advised [...]

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