The single most significant development presently is the success of China’s One Belt One Road initiative, originally the brainchild of LaRouche more than 30 years ago. The implementation of the so-called new Silk Road is what America would have done after WWII had it not been hijacked from within by British imperialists. The policy of the British Empire is zero growth and zero development, which is implemented primarily through the IMF banking system and of course, outright conquest, such as in the case of Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The subversion of America is most evident in the shuttering of the space program. Although America landed on the moon a half-century ago nothing ever came of it. Even the space shuttle program was scuttled.

Although a growing number of people in the West have been brainwashed into imagining the moon landing was a Hollywood stunt, a few months ago China landed an unmanned spacecraft on the dark side of the moon —a never-before-accomplished feat of engineering. China’s interest in the moon is for the purpose of mining helium three, for the intended purpose of developing the next generation of nuclear power —fusion. (As opposed to fission) As Space Safety magazine words it, China’s scientific progress is not only revolutionary, it is a “game-changer.”

While the empty-headed politicians in the West propose various ridiculous solutions to supposedly combat global warming, like solar panels and reverting to the 14th century Dutch technology —windmills, and electric cars, which actually leave a bigger carbon footprint than diesel-powered vehicles, the development of fusion power could potentially eliminate the use of fossil fuels entirely.

Obviously, though, London’s global warming scare is not about saving the planet. It is intended to dramatically reduce —not greenhouse gases —but the population. It is a policy of genocide. Since Thomas Malthus wrote his useless eaters policy for the British East India company in 1805, the British aristocracy has pushed the notion that the greatest threat to humanity is humanity —overpopulation.

From the time Donald Trump emerged on the political scene and proclaimed that positive relations with Russia and China is a good thing, which would presumably entail American support and participation in the Belt and Road Initiative, the British have orchestrated what many have called a coup. So far, though, it appears as if the plot to take down the American president has failed. There is even talk now that some of the coup plotters themselves may be brought up on criminal charges –including treason. The deep state may have to resort to something other than impeachment in order to destroy Trump.  

Meanwhile, Britain is being convulsed by the Brexit turmoil. And France is experiencing an outright revolt by the yellow vests.

Not coincidently the victors of World War Two; namely, Great Britain, France, and the United States have ruled the world, both militarily and economically. Russia and China less so. But that is changing. The so-called Trans-Atlantic financial system can only continue to exist as long as the credit bubble continues to expand —inflated by the creation of more and more money. Once the inevitable contraction begins it will most likely result in a violent implosion of the entire financial system. That is why China and Russia and other nations and central banks are loading up on gold —preparing for the collapse of the Dollar and the post-crash world.

The impending death of the London-based financial/monetary system and the ascendency of Russia and China is what is driving the East-West confrontation. However, Russia and China have made to clear they do not seek confrontation. They seek cooperation. London is pushing for global war.

What shall become of this global power struggle? Bible prophecy indicates that the entire system is destined to crash. From the ashes will arise the last kingdom —the eighth king. The lords of London will implement their final solution and reduce the earth’s population dramatically, through war, famine, and pestilence —the so-called horses of the Apocalypse.

“I will call the inhabited earth to account for its badness, and the wicked for their error. I will put an end to the pride of the presumptuous, and I will humble the haughtiness of tyrants. I will make mortal man scarcer than refined gold, and humans scarcer than the gold of Ophir. That is why I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth will be shaken out of its place at the fury of Jehovah of armies in the day of his burning anger.” – Isaiah 13

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