I suspended the Daily Commentary feature a year and a half ago, which was my commentary based upon the Watchtower’s Daily Text. But today’s Daily Text is just too much. Here it is

Spreading lies has become commonplace in today’s society. As stated in the article “Why We Lie” by Y. Bhattacharjee, “lying has come to be recognized as a deeply ingrained human trait.” People often resort to lying either to protect themselves or to promote themselves. They lie to cover up their mistakes and misdeeds or to gain economic and personal advantages. As the article states, there are people who “lie with ease, in ways big and small, to strangers, co-workers, friends, and loved ones.” What is the result of all this lying? Trust is lost and relationships can be ruined. The psalmist David prayed to Jehovah: “You find pleasure in truth in the inner person.” (Ps. 51:6) David knew that our being truthful comes from the inside, from our heart. In every aspect of life, true Christians “speak the truth with one another.”

The Watchtower’s hypocrisy is astonishing. They lie with such ease. Just as their expert said, they lie to protect and promote the organization.

For starters, consider the Watchtower’s 10-year partnership with the United Nations. For a decade, from 1991 to 2001, the Watchtower was in a political partnership with the United Nations through the Department of Public Information as an associate-level NGO. That partnership required the Watchtower to use a portion of its resources to educate the public about the plethora of UN programs. Each applying NGO was required to submit an application including samples demonstrating how they were promoting the UN. Each year all active NGOs were required to submit two more samples to certify they were in compliance with the terms of the partnership.

The Watchtower dutifully complied. Doing so required Bethel’s writers to cleverly present the UN in a positive light in a way that would not alert Jehovah’s Witnesses to their scheme. I have thoroughly documented the extent to which the Watchtower went in the chapter called Strange Bedfellows (Renamed The Partnership in the final version of the book).

When the London Guardian exposed the Watchtower’s shocking hypocrisy the organization’s spokesman claimed that it was necessary to become an associate NGO to gain access to the UN’s library. Here is their official response:

“Our purpose in registering with the Department of Public Information as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in 1991 was to have access to research material available on health, ecological and social problems available at the United Nations library facilities. We had been using the library for many years prior to 1991, but in that year it became necessary to register as an NGO to have continued access.”

The Watchtower lied. Not only was the Dag Hammarskjöld Library accessible to all qualified researchers, but there are also UN libraries located in universities around the world, including one at Columbia University in New York City, not far from the old Bethel headquarters. When the UN was flooded with inquiries from Jehovah’s Witnesses they explained that it was not necessary to partner with the DPI in order to use the library. (Unfortunately, the UN revamped their website several years ago and many of the documents I originally linked to were lost)

Back at the time I communicated with the head librarian at the Dag Hammarskjöld Library who verified that the library was open to any qualified researcher. Ironically, after the 9-11 disaster in New York the following month, right when the WT was exposed in the Guardian, the UN closed the library to everyone except NGOs working in partnership with the DPI.

The truth is, no NGO was accepted by the DPI that did not meet the criteria. Period. Think of it, all of Jehovah’s Witnesses from 1991 through 2001 were deceived into distributing millions of magazines that were littered with UN propaganda. When their double-dealing scheme came to light the Governing Body lied through their teeth. Since then they persecuted and disfellowshipped anyone who would not swallow their lies. (It should be noted that the personnel of the Governing Body has changed considerably since the 1990s. The ones directly responsible for the NGO caper have passed on. Most of the current members were not on the body 25-30 years ago when the WT first partnered with the UN.)

Then there is the child abuse issue. Thousands of children of Jehovah’s Witnesses have been molested and raped by congregants. The Watchtower’s policy was and is to not cooperate with the police. According to the Watchtower it is no big deal. The media make up lies. Behind closed doors, however, the Watchtower secretly pays millions in out-of-court settlements and binds the victims with gag orders. How true, “They lie to cover up their mistakes and misdeeds or to gain economic and personal advantages.”

Then there is 1914. Someday Jehovah’s Witnesses will look back aghast and realize that the Watchtower did not deserve their blind devotion, having perpetrated what will surely become known as one of the biggest hoaxes ever devised. Lie after lie has been fabricated to deceive Jehovah’s Witnesses into believing that Christ has already returned. Over the years I have painstakingly documented every lie. The entire process is portrayed in prophecy in the 13th chapter of Ezekiel. Jehovah addresses himself to those who preside over his people but who fabricate their own prophecies and promote a lie. Jehovah calls them the “stupid prophets” who build a flimsy wall and plaster it with coat after coat of whitewash. (See article: Those Who Fabricate Their Own Prophecies)

Many of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have become aware of the Watchtower’s treachery have been stumbled. They come to the erroneous conclusion that because the Watchtower has used deceit and fraud that it could not possibly be Jehovah’s organization. The Scriptures prove otherwise. In the very chapter of Isaiah from where the Watchtower derived the name of Jehovah’s Witnesses, God speaks to those whom he calls his witnesses and his servant, saying to them: “Your first forefather sinned, and your own spokesmen have rebelled against me. So I will profane the princes of the holy place, and I will give Jacob over to destruction and subject Israel to insulting words.” — Isaiah 43:27-28

The profanation of the holy place is what Jesus was speaking of when he told his disciples that Jerusalem would be destroyed when a disgusting thing would stand where it ought not. While Jehovah’s Witnesses are accustomed to persecution, which comes in various forms, they have no inkling that what is coming, although it may appear to be persecution, is actually punishment at the hand of Jehovah.

Ostensibly referencing the Chaldean siege of Jerusalem, through Jeremiah Jehovah spoke to the global holocaust known as the tribulation and its purpose:  “For I am with you,” declares Jehovah, “to save you. But I will make an extermination among all the nations to which I scattered you; However, you I will not exterminate. I will discipline you to the proper degree, and I will by no means leave you unpunished.” — Jeremiah 30:11

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