I appeal to Caesar! —Acts 25:11.

Since 1914, human governments have become rivals to God’s Kingdom, which will soon execute judgment on the nations by destroying them. (Ps. 2:2, 7-9) God lets the world’s political structure remain because it provides a measure of stability that, in turn, helps us to preach the good news of the Kingdom. God even directs us to pray concerning those in authority, especially when their decisions might affect our worship. We appeal to government authorities for fair treatment, as the apostle Paul did. Although the Bible teaches that God’s adversary, Satan, has authority over political systems, it does not say that he directly controls each leader or official. We should therefore avoid implying that a particular official is controlled by the Devil. Instead, when dealing with “governments and authorities,” we “speak injuriously of no one.”

The fraud of the Watchtower’s 1914 doctrine is fairly easy to expose. Whenever the Watchtower makes matter-of-fact statements, such as above, there are always numerous contradictions and incongruities.

First, the text above cites the second Psalm, which states in its opening verses: “Why are the nations agitated and the peoples muttering an empty thing? The kings of the earth take their stand and high officials gather together as one against Jehovah and against his anointed one.”

For decades Jehovah’s Witnesses have been led to believe that the nations of the world banded together against Jehovah and his Messiah in 1914 and that the political expression of their united front against God’s newly installed Kingdom was the institution of the League of Nations in 1920. But if that were true, how can it truthfully be claimed that all the kings of the world gathered together as one in view of the fact that the leading nation of the world, the United States, was not even a member of the League? Also, numerous nations of Latin America did not join the League, including Brazil.

Secondly, the Watchtower assumes that during Satan’s short period of time following his ouster of heaven, when he goes off in a great rage to bring woe to the earth and sea, that the world will go on in a business-as-usual fashion. God allows for a “measure of stability”? Really? For what? So that Jehovah’s Witnesses can preach and go on with their daily lives like everyone else? The Governing Body is profoundly ignorant as regards Jehovah’s judgments. The coming of Christ brings an abrupt end to the preaching and disciple-making work. If the masters had any knowledge concerning the book of Joel they would surely know that the onslaught of Jehovah’s military force devastates the “field” in which the ministers of God work. But, alas, the masters are spiritually drunk and are incapable of discerning such things. (What is a spiritual drunk?)

For a fact, the coming of Christ sets into motion a series of calamities that begin with nation arising against nation and kingdom against kingdom; followed by global pandemics, food shortages and great earthquakes. Then, shortly thereafter the entire system comes crashing down. That is what is portrayed in Revelation with the opening of the sixth seal: “And I saw when he opened the sixth seal, and a great earthquake occurred; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the entire moon became as blood, and the stars of heaven fell to the earth as when a fig tree shaken by a high wind drops its unripe figs. And the heaven departed as a scroll that is being rolled up, and every mountain and every island was removed from its place.”

Most assuredly, there is not an interval of a century between the opening of the first five seals and the opening of the sixth. Neither is there a delay of 100+ years from the opening of the sixth seal until the calamity betokened occurs. Even the Watchtower acknowledges that all of the seals are unsealed in rapid succession. That being true, that means that none of the symbolic seals have been broken.

As regards the kings of the earth banding together as one Revelation continues: “Then the kings of the earth, the high officials, the military commanders, the rich, the strong, every slave, and every free person hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. And they keep saying to the mountains and to the rocks: ‘Fall over us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb, because the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?’”

In the aftermath of the crash of the system of things the survivors will be desperate for protection —they will accept any form of human government, no matter how tyrannical, rather than accept Christ as their King. That is when God cuts short the tribulation. Thus, their banding together as one will take place when the eighth king arises from the ashes —or, in keeping with Bible symbolism —when the beast arises from the abyss, miraculously recovering from his mortal head wound. Of course, the Watchtower claims that the head of the beast suffered a mortal wound as a result of the First World War. And sadly, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not seem to know that the Anglo-American duo won the war. (What is the mark of the beast?)

The 13th chapter of Revelation depicts a two-horned beast coming up from the earth —from the grave: “Then I saw another wild beast ascending out of the earth, and it had two horns like a lamb, but it began speaking like a dragon. It exercises all the authority of the first wild beast in its sight. And it makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first wild beast, whose mortal wound was healed. And it performs great signs, even making fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the sight of mankind.”

Now, if the wild beast speaks as a dragon it is serving as the voice of Satan himself, who is depicted in the 12th chapter as a seven-headed fiery, dragon. At that point, all the nations following the resurrected beast will be in total opposition to the kingdom of Christ and those who give their allegiance to the beast will be guilty of directly worshipping Satan the Devil.

Far from speaking respectfully of the Devil’s beastly kingdom then, Jehovah’s true witnesses will denounce the beast and its worshippers in the harshest terms. And we may be sure that the sealed chosen ones, who will then be shining as brightly as the sun in the kingdom of their Father, will not appeal to Ceasar in order to plead their case.

Just to drive home the point, the Watchtower will have no part in that denunciation.