Is the preaching work a sign of his presence?

//Is the preaching work a sign of his presence?

If Jesus’ presence did not occur in 1914 how is it that one of the most prominent signs of his presence —the world wide preaching of God’s Kingdom —is being fulfilled?

The last thing Jesus said before he ascended to heaven was: “All authority has been given me in heaven and on the earth. Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.”

Those original followers of Christ obeyed his command to make disciples and teach the truth. As a result Christianity quickly spread around the Mediterranean region. It became so widespread that even the enemies of the truth decried the fact that Christians had overturned the inhabited earth with their message.

Those first century Christians were expecting Jesus to return during that immediate time period in the first century —an expectation that undoubtedly spurred them on to expend themselves in the preaching work. Although Jesus did not return as they had hoped those Christians still accomplished God’s will in preaching the truth and making disciples far and wide. The point is: Christians can accomplish a great deal without the Kingdom ruling the world or Jesus being present in their midst.

The fact that Jesus assured his followers that he would be with them all the days insures the success of those who obey his command to make disciples. But a question that seems to be overlooked is this: If Jesus is with his followers up until the conclusion, what happens during the conclusion?

Jehovah’s Witnesses are thoroughly convinced that the conclusion and the parousia commenced in 1914, but if that is true, in what way did Jesus’ relationship with his followers change?

That question is likely to illicit a blank stare from most of Jehovah’s Witnesses. And that is because there is a fundamental and profound ignorance regarding the nature and purpose of the presence of Christ.  First and foremost, there is no such thing as an invisible presence. The apostle Peter, who had been on the mountain with Jesus when he was transfigured in resplendent glory, later explained that he had not acquainted Christians with the power and parousia of Jesus by artfully contrived false stories. No, but it was by his having been an eyewitness to Christ’s glory.

Get it? The three apostles were eyewitnesses to an event that was a prophetic enactment of the parousia. That is why Peter went on to write: “So we have the prophetic word made more sure, and you are doing well in paying attention to it as to a lamp shining in a dark place (until day dawns and a daystar rises) in your hearts.”

So, the prophetic word —made more sure by the transfiguration of Christ —is like a lamp shining in a dark place intended to lead us to the dawn of Christ in his parousia.

In view of the fact that the Watchtower has uninterruptedly proclaimed an invisible presence of Christ since 1874 —updated to 1914 in 1930 —it must be concluded that Jehovah’s Witnesses have been deluded with an artfully contrived false story.

But what about the preaching work?

As previously mentioned, the Watchtower claims that the conclusion of the system —also known as the time of the end —began in 1914. And yet none of the things the prophecies foretell have occurred over the past century and counting. True, the Watchtower claims that all things have been fulfilled, and for Jehovah’s Witnesses to even question the WT’s teachings is considered blasphemous, but their facts and figures simply don’t add up when given a careful audit.

Take, for example, the eighth chapter of Daniel. The reason that portion of Daniel is relevant is because it specifically states that the things foretold are to occur during the time of the end. What are the things foretold? Among other things a fierce-looking king is going to arise and “he will bring mighty ones to ruin, also the people made up of the holy ones. And by his cunning he will use deception to succeed; and in his heart he will exalt himself; and during a time of security he will bring many to ruin.”

The Watchtower claims this is history. That being the case, who were the mighty ones whom the fierce king brought to ruin? The Watchtower doesn’t even venture a guess. They simply have no comment, as if it is an insignificant detail. How were the holy ones brought to ruin? Supposedly that happened during World War Two. But besides draft age men being briefly imprisoned for objecting to military service, there is no evidence that Christians were brought to ruin by the Anglo-American kings. Supposedly the holy place was trampled and the constant feature was taken away too. But, again, there is nothing the Watchtower can point to. The preaching work actually prospered during the war and certainly afterward. Bethel was unscathed by the war. As for Christ bringing the holy place into a right condition, the Watchtower claims that came about during the 1940’s when the Watchtower Society’s board of directors made some trifling changes to corporation’s bylaws to bring the organization more in line with theocracy.

If that is true, though, we would have to seriously question why Jehovah dispatched an angel to explain to Daniel the things that must occur in our age, if those things are so inconsequential that Jehovah’s Witnesses are not even aware of them. Why should God clutter up his holy book foretelling irrelevant trivia? It makes no sense. That is because it is nonsense!

That is just one example of the absurdity of the Watchtower’s interpretation of Daniel’s prophecy. But, the point is, the time of the end brings about the end of the preaching work. That is what is signified by the desolation and trampling of the holy place the fierce-looking king is destined to bring about. Jesus foretold the very same thing when he spoke of a disgusting thing standing in a holy place. Christ even advised the reader to use discernment and consult the prophecy of Daniel. That is how the holy ones are brought to ruin.

We may expect the mighty ones of this world to be brought to ruin in the immediate days ahead as the global financial system implodes and wipes out the wealth of this world’s billionaires and millionaires, including sovereign, debt-gorged nations, including the Watchtower’s recent billion-dollar windfall. No doubt the collapse will coincide with the outbreak of war, as nations and kingdoms rise up to fight each other. The reign of the last king will span the period of the time of the end.

So, let us consider a very familiar scripture in context: “And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken about by Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place (let the reader use discernment), then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.”

Notice, please, that Jesus connected the end with the the disgusting thing that causes desolation. So, “the end” is not the end of Satan’s wicked world, as Jehovah’s Witnesses likely assume. It is the end of the preaching and disciple-making work. It is the end of Christianity as we know it. It is the end of meeting together to encourage each other as the day draws near; because the desolation of the holy place will mean that the day is finally here —that Christ is here, that his promised presence with holy ones is here.

His being with them comes about after they are brought to ruin. Thus, that is why in the illustration of the sheep and the goats Jesus said, if you do it to these, my brothers, you do it to me —because they will have seen Christ, just as Peter, James and John saw him on the mountain —just as Paul saw him on the road to Damascus. It is be as though Christ is naked, hungry, homeless and in prison.

It is in their downcast state when the chosen ones will be made to stand before governors and kings for a witness (not in order to make disciples).

And the reason no one will be able to dispute them is because Christ will be with them. Not with them in the sense that he had been all during the days up to the conclusion —but in a very special way, to the extent that the chosen ones become Christ, as John said: “Beloved ones, we are now children of God, but it has not yet been made manifest what we will be. We do know that when he is made manifest we will be like him, because we will see him just as he is.” This was foreshadowed by Stephen, when he saw Christ in heaven and his face took on the countenance of an angel’s face and no Jew could hold their own in disputing him. And so they murdered him.

The gospel of Mark phrases things a little differently. In Mark’s account Jesus said: “As for you, look out for yourselves. People will hand you over to local courts, and you will be beaten in synagogues and be put on the stand before governors and kings for my sake, for a witness to them. Also, in all the nations, the good news has to be preached first.”

This account really verifies for us that the preaching of the good news precedes the outbreak of war, food shortages and persecution. It stands to reason that a time of tyranny and genocide like nothing in history will not be conducive for the peaceful, public preaching and Bible study work with which Jehovah’s Witnesses are presently engaged. The time of the end is a whole other deal. 

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  • barbara fletcher

    from the rebuilding of the wall , we count the days of years plus 62 years plus 3 1/2 years, if we use Jehovah’s days, as they are l thousand years, a day for a year, we come to October 1914, when Jesus came to inspect the brothers, they were no perfect, and made many mistakes, such as Xmas and smoking, so God refined them and in 1919 they were let out of prison.. Babylon the great is portrayed by false religion today, this will be the sart of Armageddon when the churches fall, governments will turn on them, the preaching work is just one sign of the times we live in. 2Timothy chap3 vs 1-5 tells us that we are in the last days, as critical times will be here. Jehovah is letting his people know that we are in the last days,and we try to tell others of the impending destruction, not many listen, as prophesied, but he will destroy those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news about Christ, now ruling from heaven, having got rid of Satan and his demons to this earth, that is why he is using people to destroy one another, one with false religion,others with murder in their hearts and cruelty beyond evil.Satan cannot get back to heaven,so he is doing his worst to take everyone with him when Jesus throws him in the Abyss, then Jesus and his father Jehovah can usher in the paradise, promised long ago, where no evil will be permitted.

    • ewatchman

      Yeah, sure. Whatever you say.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Hello Robert, I’m trying to share this article via email but it is not loading. I press the email icon and put in the address, but he article is not there. Am I missing somethings? Thanks.

        • ewatchman

          I know. It is a bug in the system. I’ll try and get someone to fix it.

          • Burt Reynolds

            I have found a way for the interim by copying the article and then pasting in the email. Seemed to work and will do for now.

      • Joel

        No no Brother King. Come now. With all due respect, let’s not be snarky and snooty to those who are still blinded by the massive deluding influence that the Watchtower has locked so many under.

        That dear Sister, Barbara Fletcher (if that “really” is her name), is clearly struggling, grappling, floundering in a sea of delusion! So may I humbly suggest that all of us here be a bit more circumspect in our haste to lambaste someone who is still caught in the “glare” of the Watchtower’s deluding headlights!

        If she, and many like her, are ever to break free of the hypnotic-like deluding influence, it must be by their continuing to be a regular contributer, reader, AND “listener” to sound prophetic doctrine found on this E-Watchman site. Only then, I believe, will the “Daystar” of true prophetic understanding be able to rise in her heart.

        • Vilhelm Bock

          Joel, its real obnoxious of you to post on here telling Robert what he needs to do and describing him as “snooty and snarky”. Youre not in a position to dictate to someone on their exclusive website. Robert spends a lot of energy and time just to generate these articles which gives you and I the platform to comment, compound and express on. He is not thereafter responsible to engage every authoritative opinion of yours. If you want to reply and defend to others, then do so. But you look obnoxious in scolding the author of this site. Id recommend you reflect before you post.

          • Joel

            Thank you Vilhelm’s for that loving rebuke. I took it to heart.

            Of course, I meant no disrespect to our dear Brother King, and his fantastic hard work of deciphering and detangling erroneous WT prophecy. I do not know if you have noticed any of my previous posts, but one of the reasons I address Robert as “Brother King” is PRECISELY because I have the utmost respect for him and his obvious anointing.

            But I do understand your concerns, and in truth, I appreciate your “stern” yet warm rebuke. Thank you.

            • Vilhelm Bock

              Youre a beautiful soul Joel. God bless you.

          • Joe Dman

            Whew, that’s a strong rebuke of a strong rebuke. But I’d lay odds I’m right. Any takers? That name sounds oddly familiar. Maybe she’s from my neck of the woods.

        • Burt Reynolds

          I don’t know Joel. If you read what Jesus said to the Jewish leaders in the temple, ergo, you are from your father the devil, such wording has its value. But like Annie says, I believe Barbara is a rose by any other name. There is a responsibility on us, as was so with the Boreans and their example, to read and believe for ones self, rather than oppose out of hand in a reiteration of an already disproved chronology. So it behoves Barbara to read for herself, as we all must. The article was not just about 1914 but about the supporting evidence with regard to the preaching work, when it would stop, why, and the witness given, bereft of any saving benefit, to the Kings and Courts. To then reiterate without regard to these issues, the same old timeworn rubbish that the watchtower cites, is actually quiet rude In itself, dismissive as it is of the biblical evidence and the time invested In trying to help. You mention that Robert was not helping by his reply, but forget the hours of preparation and thought going into the work for everyone’s benefit. It was the article that was the ‘help’ the gift, the supplication to read and save ones self. To spit back with a disproven chronology as a ‘correction’ is just obtuse. Were Barbara interested in an instructive reply, she would have asked a question. She didn’t. Thus her comment was just what it was meant to be and got the retort it deserved. This is in part, why Jesus did not argue with the money changers in the temple, but kicked their backsides for them. It got their attention.

          • Joel

            Fair enough. Gotcha!

        • That’s the kind of response you give someone totally asleep at the wheel, and come in and try to have a debate! He’s probably all to familiar with this person already.

          • Joel

            I hear you Joe. Please see my response to Vilhelm’s below.

            . . . I’ve accepted my rebuke . . . I’ve done my penance.

    • Annie

      Your profile seems to be new, Barbara! Maybe you have gone off to read up on Roberts other articles about the end of this system – great reads & strangely true, especially about how Jesus has not yet taken up rulership & satan has not yet been thrown from heaven, enjoy learning 🙂

      • RLALLEN

        James 1:5…worked for me!

        • same here. seems like you or somebody left that comment before. i used to imply that myself an to others. nice to see soneone else say that too.

          • RLALLEN

            I’m reminded of this verse every time I am on ewatchman!….Jehovah has been very generous to us all here for sure!

    • Joe Dman

      Hi Barbara, first just wanted to say we know what the watchtower teaches. We also agree that the Witnesses are members of God’s organization. But just as in the first century, Christ’s coming will not be what the majority of God’s people expect. This site accomplishes what many elders and the governing body has failed to do: Gather the lost sheep and by extension, active witnesses whose faith may be shaken by the constant “new light” we are forced to believe or be cast out.
      We believe the basic Bible truths just as you do, but the application of prophecy by the WT has demonstrably been a failure.
      Robert has been single handedly responsible for leading, probably thousands of, lost sheep back to Jehovah. And with the help of others on this site, most have been encouraged to return to the meetings.
      I know you are probably here to “help” but if you exercise humility, you just might be better prepared for what’s coming if you familiarize yourself with this website.
      I have a sneaking suspicion Robert may already know you by his comment, but by our responding to you, it may help someone else to better understand what’s going on with God’s people.

    • Burt Reynolds

      Hello Barbara, I used to believe this when I was an active witness in the congregation. However, it is not what the bible says. If you put the maths to one side for a moment and review the signs and information that Christ gave about the conclusion….and as stated above…you will have further food for thought. It’s best you read it for yourself though.

    • except –

      counting Nebucadnezzars madness is not scriptural. Jesus could have easily told his apostles to count when they asked him when will these things be. his reply was nobody knows the day or hour and its like a thief when you do not expect so keep on the watch. he did not point his apostles to 1914 anymore then the later bible students who were also not given a future date by Jehovah.

      the destruction of the Harlot is not the start of Armageddon nor is the turn on faults religion the begining of the great tribulation. scripture does not imply that anywere.

      the times and seasons of the great tribulation are the last days and that great tribulation has not come yet. Jehovah has not let his people know we are in the time of his day but they are in a “deep sleep” and “deaf” and “blind” and knowing is sealed until the time of the end.

      the tribulations begin when Satan is cast out of heaven so the heavens are not now rid of Satan because that great tribulation has not yet come.

      you will understand these things if you continue to search for the truth. may Jehovah help you to use this site to understand the truth. welcome flrtcher

      • Burt Reynolds

        I had no idea nebucadnezzars madness came into the watchtower calculations! That’s crazy!

        • Bklyn Kevin

          Kingdom Not Coming with Striking Observableness
          For the most part the Watchtower has affixed 1914 as the date for Jesus to receive the Kingdom upon a somewhat complex chronological calculation predicated upon the seven times of Nebuchadnezzar’s madness. Except the seven times in itself does not point to 1914. First, the seven times have to be converted into a period of years. This is justified based upon the fact that because three and a half times of Daniel and Revelation are the equivalent of 1,260 days it is extrapolated that the seven times must represent a value twice that, or 2,520 days.

          But we are still talking about days, not years. In order to covert the days to years the Watchtower unjustifiably assumes that the 2,520 days actually represent years because on a couple of occasions Jehovah’s decree was ‘a day for a year.’ It should be noted, though, that there is no evidence that the 1,260 days symbolize years. On the contrary, Revelation plainly states that the time, times and half time (3½) or 1,260 days are equal to 42 months.

          Besides the chronologic sophistry, the loose thread in the seven times formula is the inconvenient fact that there is no basis for supposing that the seven times are the same thing as the appointed times of the nations that Jesus spoke about in connection with the nations trampling upon Jerusalem. The context indicates that the nations trampling Jerusalem for an appointed time begins when the disgusting thing stands where it ought not.

          The significance of the Watchtower’s error is that Jesus forewarned his disciples to be on guard against those who would falsely announce that the Christ is already here or there. Read more>

          • Burt Reynolds

            Thanks Kevin. Very instructive. I cannot understand though why, or by what mechanism we are to know that we should be calculating years for days, when this is required, or when it is not. It is not as though the bible says that when calculating the times of the end we need to exchange days for years and multiply by something else or so forth, but then I am mathematically illiterate so I leave these things to those with more spiritual insight. It would be nice to know why these clues are left for us and their significance for us, as Jesus has said that no one knows the time of the end but Jehovah. So why are we making these calculations and for what reason are they there? What I can see though, is that the devil has contrived the means whereby the watchtower has been able to make a case out of these numbers to suite their lies ( or rather his lies). It is just too convenient that by fiddling with these dates and times that 1914 can be extrapolated.

          • “it is extrapolated that the seven times must represent a value twice that, or 2,520 days.”
            that was the part i myself had questioned, why?

            • Bklyn Kevin

              It’s the watchtowers formula and I suppose you will have to write them and inquire why they have double up the 1,260 days.
              Now I can tell you from my research that nowhere in the bible is there any specific scriptural support for doubling up this number / 1,260 days let alone converting it into years.

        • i fixed the typo. im on a phone

        • That should be a red flag to any thinking person with only half a brain.

    • How could it be possible, though, for Satan to have such great power over God’s people? Jesus condemned the religious leaders of his day as being “from your father the Devil,” because it was really the Devil who exercised the greater influence over them. (John 8:44) Their dominance over the people prevented these from believing in Jesus. Because of submitting to their leaders instead of Jehovah they had in reality become followers of men, and no miracle on Jesus’ part could convince them otherwise. That is why Jesus told them: “You do not believe, because you are none of my sheep. My sheep listen to my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. And I give them everlasting life.” (John 10:26,27) Contrary to what we have been taught by our leaders, the Bible foretold a similar situation for our time.

    • Bklyn Kevin

      30 Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses

      Question #24: In recent decades the Society has retracted previously published statements concerning various aspects of the sign of Christ’s presence supposedly having already been fulfilled. For example, the Watchtower used to teach that the great tribulation began during WWI, but that God cut it short. The Watchtower used to teach that the disgusting thing was already standing in a holy place, but no longer. The Watchtower used to teach that the sheep and the goats were now being separated, but not any more. The Watchtower used to teach that people today were faint with fear in expectation of the horrible things coming upon the world, but that has been dropped too.

      It was in the context of men becoming faint with fright that Jesus also told his followers: “But as these things start to occur, raise yourselves erect and lift your heads up, because your deliverance is getting near.” Since the Watchtower now recognizes that not all of “these things” have started to occur, on what basis ought Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to believe their deliverance is getting near?. Bethel Plasters on Another Coat of Whitewash

      Question #29: The Watchtower is on record in many places stating that the great tribulation commences when Babylon the great is destroyed. Usually the Society simply cites verses in the 17th or 18th chapter of Revelation to substantiate that teaching. Yet, there is nothing in either of those chapters that can be used to support that notion. At times the Watchtower links the standing of the disgusting thing in a holy place to the destruction of Christendom, but as all of Jehovah’s Witnesses know, Babylon the great encompasses much more than merely Christendom.

      Because this is one of the few aspects of prophecy that Jehovah’s Witnesses believe has not occurred, what exactly is the Scriptural basis for the belief that the great tribulation begins with the destruction of Babylon the great?. Let the Reader Use Discernment

      Read more>

    • tortas

      Yeah,, sure, Whatever you say

    • e.v.g

      No! No! No! No! Let’s start from the beginning.

  • Annie

    great article, Bro Robert. However not quite what I have been led to believe. The preaching work comes to a halt & ensures no-one other than those studying Jehovahs word with the witnesses will be saved! Then as soon as that happens the beautiful gate with a ‘Private, JWs entry only’ will open & we will all move through it quietly & be instantly transformed into glorious young things without a care in the world.
    Ho-hum, back to the drawing board 😉

    • T L C

      Too funny…love your post:-)

  • LW

    No wonder things will be so different during that time.

  • Matthew 28:19, 20

    19 Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.”

    Matthew 24:14
    14 And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

  • Patrick Langat

    @ewatchman, your assertion that “We may expect the mighty ones of this world to be brought to ruin in the immediate days ahead as the global financial system implodes…”, will surely occur in future but not in the “immediate days ahead” because the petrodollar financial system is needed to fund world war first then it will be overtuned after it has served that purpose i.e. no money no WW3, it is war first then financial collapse. Also I suspect the oligarchs may want to calm things down in “immediate days ahead” because of the US elections.

    • Burt Reynolds

      I think you may find Patrick that all the nations have all the weapons they need right now and enough cash on hand in gold and trade to wipe the earth out of the universe. Also, as was so in the bankrupt Germany and Japan of the Second World War and Russian in the first, food was the currency and fear was the motive. No need for cash. In fact in Germany, they carried their cash in wheelbarrows and used it for lighting fires just to keep warm. Mere money will not delay the tribulation by a second.

      • LW

        We’ll all be surprised haha…it’s gonna be something.

    • im clueless why it is you state they cant finance a war right now and as if they will be richer later to do so. also the US has plenty of resources for war whitch are already in place, little to no money required. you should also chech the military budget, how much more money could anyone possibly need to cause distruction? theres more then enough by far even now they are going broke.

      WW3 is not going to last long. it will be cut short and the kings of the earth will be allowed to rule along side as part of the NWO Rev 17:12

      going broke is what causes the war anyway. thats why there is a pushing. eveyones going to be broke an the north will storm eveyone into submission

  • that means the pushing will fully begin when the crash happens. it must take a monetary financial crash for the people to rise and complain against the government then the mountains will put a end to their whining.
    Daniel 11:40

  • Anderiega

    I should probably post this on the forum page, but people seem to check the comments section here more. I’m watching the 141st class of Gilead presentation. The first talk is called “see the cloud.” I’m still kinduv in shock. If I listened correctly, it seems like they are comparing “the organization” to Jehovah’s actual cloud and that for salvation we need to see and follow the cloud. This is outright idolatry. It makes me so sad. Oh Jehovah, please have mercy on us all and strengthen me to continue to be quiet and mild, because sometimes I just want to grab the microphone at the KH and shout how absurd some of this is becoming.

    • Joel

      Wow! It’s so funny, but I too watched the Gilead Graduation talk just a couple of days ago. Wow!

      And you are right, they did equate the Organization to ‘Jehovah’s throne’ on a celestial cloud. What arrogance!

  • Burt Reynolds

    I was just thinking, going over the last few months here on the site. I have learnt so much and it has really enabled me to take heart over the hope, improved my relationship with Jehovah, enabled me to improve my standing before him and allowed me to witness constructively about the truth. It has been hard to assimilate the gravity about the near future and to come to terms with the weight of sin we all bear, the undeservedness of the gift and trials we face in proving faithful. Every now and again someone points to a scripture that shows the mercy of Jehovah through Jesus, thier understanding, their love. This helps me a great deal and I would really appreciate some more examples of such to read, and maybe if possible, an article on this subject, because I don’t mind admitting it, but I need the comfort of it too. It strengthens my faith.

    • you decide on making a twitter account yet?

      • Burt Reynolds

        I’ve got trouble enough with the TV remote. Besides, there is only so much conflict of thought that my brain will cope with. Only eight million witnesses but eight billion people and all of them in conflict of thought. I envy my dog at times.

        • and one of those 8million says i need comfort too so when i respond i get a conflict in thought about a remote that was invented even after your time meaning you where there before/during its conception so you should know it better then the younger generation born after it and how your dog is a lazy king. a simple yes/no would have sufficed.

          • Burt Reynolds

            Have I offended you somehow brother?

            • no

            • I enjoy your comments, there brilliant and thought provoking. And humorous at times.
              Sharp mind!!

        • Marisa Gomez

          I Me estoy sintiendo de la misma manera

          • Joseph Stephan

            I’m feeling the same way

  • Please8834

    Hello Robert.
    Since you have opened the topic by touching on the cement of the truth about future events, would you mind commenting on the quoted scripture Matt:28,18 Since all authority have been given to him “Jesus Christ” in heaven and on earth. Doesn’t this mean he no longer sits at his fathers right hand? Im supposing that right after his resurrection and then becoming immortal that his enemies could truly be said to be at his feet, since all things including eternal life where handed to him..any thoughts much appreciated..

  • today I was just walking to the store and on my way while walking all I kept thinking about Jehovah his word and his will. and I kept on thinking like I do every day how can I help? is it at all possible to help others in such a wicked word? and I thought yes because Jehovah is changing me and wouldn’t you know it as I was walking I ran into two brothers from the kingdom hall I attended and I felt an over whelming urge to speak with them and so I stopped them they knew me and we started a conversation so I brought up the watchtower changes in how they will now handle abuse cases and the brothers told me they knew nothing about it nor did they hear about the change. so I then went on to speak of the coming judgments and how Jehovah said start with my house first and as for the courtyard leave it out because it has been given to the nations so I explained that I thought the courtyard was the rest of the world outside of Jehovah’s house and people and I then asked the brothers about current world events I had asked them are they not afraid? after all they think jesus is ruling in kingdom power since 1914 right? and they think there will be no nuclear war so I told them do you not know of the very real threat of nuclear war and that it can happen at any moment and they did not deny that so I further went on to explain Daniel and the opening of the sealed scrolls and I asked them what else do you see going on and are you not frightened? I also brought up the scripture where it says man can not live by bread alone but only on every utterance out of the mouth of Jehovah so why then are you people living on every utterance out of the mouth of the watchtower G/B? is it not Jehovah’s will and word alone that must be followed through and not the words of men? we spoke for about a half hour and by the time we were done I must say I could tell that after speaking with those brothers they parted with a questioning face I could tell they were thinking about our conversation and of course through our conversation the brothers told me no one is perfect not even gods people and that the light will get brighter and brighter but I could tell they were trying to even convince them selves of there own answers. we talk about a great many things and a lot of scripture and I was very loving to them both and I told them no matter what do not lose your faith because the time is coming the love of the greater number will cool off but stick to Jehovah even if his house is trampled on do not give it Jehovah will make the way out if you are faithful and I reminded them that it is Jehovah who searches all hearts and minds and Jehovah knows his people and all those who truly love him. I must say when the brothers walk away they seemed a bit stunned and baffled and that told me I must be on the right track because I was able to get them thinking about every thing that was said. it was very interesting and it proved to me yes if we apply our selves in faith and loyalty to Jehovah we can all help make a difference. I thought to my self there I was just walking and thinking feeling down that no one wants to listen to truth and I was questioning my self and then came alone two witness brothers and we spoke for awhile on some very deep matters so I guess Jehovah saw my heart and mind and he most certainly answered the questioning of my self.

    • LW

      Very nice experience!

      • yes it was my brother it answered a great question i have been having because i feel my imperfection i doubt my self a great deal but i also am fully aware that this is something satan uses to pull us away from Jehovah. we all must be very mindful at all times and be on guard against satan and his demons.

  • T L C

    Great read!

  • Simply R

    What a joke, not really, its very deceptive! Page 28 ‘God’s kingdom rule’ book proclaims that the years 1870-1875 were the years when Christ return became clearer. No mention that 1874 was proclaimed as that specific year for almost 70 years. To the unwary it may give the impression that they knew the invisible presence of Jesus would take place in 1914, a full 40 years in advanced which is not true. The so called Gentile times Yes but not the presence of Christ.

    • Annie

      welcome to the e-watchman site, Simply R (male or female?) Great to meet you 🙂

      • Simply R

        I am a bro, been visiting this site and the authors previous site for the last 2 or so years. Will supply more details later.

    • LW

      Actually 1874 is mentioned later on page 50:

      As we saw in Chapter 2 of this book, the Bible Students spent decades pointing out that the year 1914 would be significant in fulfilling Bible prophecy. However, at that time they believed that Christ’s presence had begun in 1874, that he had begun to rule in heaven in 1878, and that the Kingdom would not be fully set up until October 1914. The harvest would extend from 1874 to 1914 and would culminate in the gathering of the anointed to heaven.

      • Simply R

        Thank you I stand corrected! However over the years I have read many articles which were written with such a slant to suggest that they knew 1914 was the parousia in advance. Why talk about the 1870’s being a time when Christ return became clearer when it had been falsely proclaimed for several decades due in part to an honest mistake. Russel believed that 1874 was the end of 6000 years of mans existence based on the chronology of the King James bible which contained an error putting the date out by 100 years.It should have been 1974/1975. He associated the end of 6000 years with the beginning of Christs invisible parousia.

        Notice also on page 50 which you referenced that 1919 is associated with the faithful and discreet being guided. In the 1921 study aid, ‘the Harp of God’, Russel is called the faithful and discreet slave and this was believed up to the year 1927, I think its also mentioned in the Millions now living book of 1920. The million talk I think of 1918 and book of 1920 calculated the end coming in 1925 according to a jubilee cycle. This failed prophecy is completely ignored and we are told a land marked article appeared in 1925 instead. Yet according to the author of 40 years a WT slave, the year 1925 was white hot with expectations for the bible students. But we are informed that it was various WT articles which were white hot. Fair enough correcting who that slave is was hot stuff at the time, but so were other matters.

        • LW

          And even though it’s explained now that the faithful slave is appointed over all Christ’s belongings in the future, it’s still said that certain capable brothers were selected in 1919.

  • Please8834

    Hello Robert. Question..
    What is the meaning of the time of security? And what kind of security will be in place that brings about the ruin of many?

    • ewatchman

      You are referring to the prophecy in the 8th chapter of Daniel that speaks about the fierce-looking king using deception to succeed, ultimately bringing many to ruin “during a time of security.”

      I just noticed a news item a minute ago that quoted the German defense minister musing as to whether Pax Americana was going to end now with the Trump Presidency. That is an odd statement, considering that Trump has stated on a few occasions that he is against the regime change wars and chaos the US has sponsored in the past decade.

      Supposedly, though, America has imposed peace on the world since the end of WWII. And it is true, although the Anglo-American beast has created devastation and chaos in the Middle East people in America and Europe are scarcely aware that there is a war going on. For example, 16 US service men were killed in the battle for Mosuel the other day. Barely made a blip on the news.

      But a time of security is not just the absence of war. Although millions of people live in poverty and have given up all hope, overall there is a sense of economic security, primarily because the central banks have flooded the world with money. Banks are now the biggest buyers of stock, propping up a system that is collapsing. For example, the central bank of Japan is now the majority shareholder of every major corporation in the nation. The Swiss National Bank owns $ 66 billion in stocks shares globally. And of course, the big private banks own untold equities, due to the fact they can borrow money at zero interest. So, the stage is set for the whole thing to go into reverse. The holders of bonds and equities can sell and short and drive the prices down to the point of bankrupting the bulls who buy on margin.

      I suspect the banks will simply close down and foreclose on everyone. Then the holders of gold will set up a new money system and the scoop up all the debt outstanding, making the financier oligarchy the owners of government debt, corporate debt and equity, and personal debt. The capitalist system will have served to deliver the world up to a global, communistic world government.

      Bringing the many to ruin during a time of security will likely coincide with their saying “peace and security.”

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