“When the wicked sprout like weeds”

What in the world is happening? Zero Hedge posted an article drawn from a website called American Greatness about a drag queen convicted of child pornography and drug possession being hired as a principal of an elementary school in Oklahoma.

One might expect such a disgusting thing as this to be embraced by Californians or New Yorkers—but Oklahomans? Oklahoma is cowboy country, the Heartland of America, mom, apple pie, and all that. Why would they put up with this sort of perversion? Why subject children to someone who lusts after them as sexual objects? Why tolerate this wickedness that is being thrust upon us?

Whatever there was of American greatness, it is long gone. It has been a slow, gradual process. We can trace the beginning of the effort to pervert Americans back to the 1960s. Television has obviously had a huge demoralizing influence, but the drugs, sex, and rock and roll culture was not a spontaneous happening. It was intentionally spawned by the Empire, which used the CIA to flood college campuses with LSD and marijuana. That was the beginning of the degeneracy that has now reached full bloom. The children and grandchildren of the hippy generation are the proud promoters of LGBTQ+.

70 or 80 years years ago if some fellow would have dressed up as a garish-looking woman and pranced around Tulsa or Oklahoma City in high heels I am pretty sure he would have been stripped naked and dipped in a vat of tar, rolled in chicken feathers, and sent limping down the road. And that would have been getting off easy. Not anymore. Perversion is not only tolerated, it is celebrated. And that is the problem. It is not the drag queen. They are a tiny minority. What is wrong with parents who would take their children to a public library for drag queen story hour? What is wrong with parents who would put up with a school board hiring a convicted pedophile to oversee their children’s school? It is as the Psalm says: “The wicked ones walk all around, because vileness is exalted among the sons of men.” — Psalms 12:8

Jehovah’s Witnesses know firsthand from their ministry trying to reach people that those who profess to be Christians are really not very Christian. They have no depth of spirituality. It is all a veneer. It is the accumulated hypocrisy, empty sermons, and money-grubbing that have caused millions of people to abandon any pretense of Christianity.

The original European settlers came with their King James Bible in hand and their descendants created a nation that declared itself “One nation under God.” That was a good start which paved the way for the work of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is now obvious though that America has served its purpose. God blessed America. Now that phase of God’s purpose is coming to an end. 

This is what we should expect of a world that is facing the coming of Christ. Lies rule the day. Wicked people have sprouted like weeds. And that is fine with me. “No unreasoning man can know them; and no foolish person can understand this: When the wicked sprout like weeds and all the wrongdoers flourish, it is that they may be annihilated forever.” — Psalms 92:6-7