Having recently watched the 2021 Annual Meeting on JW Broadcast, what follows is my rebuttal. 

I do not know why the lot has fallen to me to correct the Governing Body, but it is apparent that it has. I suppose someone has to do it. As we all know, millions of JW’s are required to accept the Governing Body’s every utterance as if it were the very word of God. What a heavy burden you all bear. No wonder James warned that not many of us should be teachers. 

Most Annual Meetings are marked by the release of some tidbit of new light. And seemingly without fail the adjustments are some variation of information I had published years before. This year was no exception. I wonder, are some members of the Governing Body or perhaps their helpers reading my book or blog? Or is the spirit just revealing it to me first? No matter. The spirit blows where it will. 

The unofficial theme of the Annual Meeting must be the faithful and discreet slave provides everything at the right time—including vaccines. 

The first point of correction offered pertains to Brother Sanderson’s opening remarks. He stated that Jesus appointed a “faithful and discreet slave.” That is an inaccurate statement, perhaps made intentionally so as to impart an air of infallibility to the Governing Body? 

More correctly, Jesus said in his illustration that the master appointed a slave to oversee the feeding of the domestics—the other members of the household. Whether or not the appointed slave is faithful and discreet will not be determined until the master arrives like a thief in the night. That is why Jesus posed it in the form of a rhetorical  question: “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave?” It remains to be seen. 

And that brings up another grievous error. Brother Sanderson implied when Jesus stated that no one knows the day or hour, only the Father, that he was referring to the day and hour Armageddon will erupt. That simply is not true. Later in the program, Brother Jackson spoke about the illustration where two men are in the field and one is taken and the other left behind and two women were grinding at the mill and one was taken, etc. Is this illustration fulfilled at Armageddon? No. Simply read the context. It says: “so the presence of the Son of man will be.” The day and hour that is unknown is not the hour for Armageddon. Jesus indicated even unbelievers will perceive the nearness of the hour and they will be faint with fright because of all the horrors descending upon the world then. No one will be taken by surprise when the final war begins. No, it is the day and hour of the Lord’s coming to judge his slaves that is unknowable. That is why Jesus went on to say: “Keep on the watch, therefore, because you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.”

Why are you so cocksure Jesus came in 1914? 

Brother Splane’s talk was interesting, especially the part about leveling every obstacle and applying it to courageous Bible translators like William Tyndale. But there is simply no basis in reality for the claim that Christians went into captivity to Babylon the Great centuries ago when Christendom came into existence. 

When Jerusalem was destroyed and the surviving Jews were carried off to Babylon they perceived that it was a punishment from Jehovah. They had rebelled and God punished them for their rebellion. And their time in Babylon paid off the debt they owed to God. Furthermore, when the Jews were allowed to leave Babylon to return to rebuild Jerusalem it was all at once. They entered the so-called Highway of holiness as a group. It did not take place gradually over the course of decades. 

What is most important, though, is that the repurchase of the Jews prefigures the gathering of the remaining ones when Christ returns. Good reason to keep on the watch, no?

Examining the context of the 40th chapter of Isaiah the reason the order is given to make the way of Jehovah straight is because God’s representative is coming down the road and that is why the woman makes the startling announcement: “Here is your God.”

The prophecy goes on: “Look! The Sovereign Lord Jehovah will come with power, and his arm will rule for him. Look! His reward is with him, and the wage he pays is before him. Like a shepherd he will care for his flock. With his arm he will gather together the lambs, and in his bosom he will carry them. He will gently lead those nursing their young.” — Isaiah 40:9-11

Take particular note of the expression “the wage he pays is before him.” In the concluding chapter of Revelation, the Lord Jesus echoes these very words: “Look! I am coming quickly, and the reward I give is with me, to repay each one according to his work. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” — Revelation 22:12-13

There is no need to strictly identify the Alpha and Omega as Jehovah in order to refute the Trinity. The context of the 22nd chapter of Revelation is clear that Jesus is speaking. Trinitarians are well aware of that. However, the title of “Alpha”—the first— does not necessarily exclusively belong to the Creator. After all, Jehovah and Jesus share other titles. Jehovah is Mighty God. Jesus is too. Jehovah is Savior. Jesus is too. Jehovah is Lord. So is Jesus. The only titles exclusive to God are the Most High, Almighty, and “the God of gods.” 

Jehovah’s Witnesses well know that Jesus is the Firstborn of all creation and all things came into existence through him. Paul explained that Jesus is first in all things, firstborn of many anointed brothers, firstborn from the dead, etc. That makes him the “Alpha” in a different sense than Jehova is the First. Also, Jesus is the last man, the last perfect man God will create on earth. He is also the Omega in the sense that God’s grand purpose will conclude when Jesus hands the Kingdom back to God. No champion of truth will ever surpass Jesus. He is the last of his kind—the Omega.  (See article: The Alpha and the OmegaMaybe some new light on Jesus’ position as the Alpha and Omega could be forthcoming at the next Annual Meeting, assuming there will be one.

The point is, the prophecy concerning preparing the way for Jehovah really pertains to the Second Coming of Christ. Has Jesus already come quickly with his reward? Hardly. Or have you begun ruling as king without us? I wish you had. Too bad all the talk about being released from captivity to Babylon the Great in 1914 is just that—talk. There is an antitypical Babylon that is destined to arise. And there is a “Jerusalem” that will be trampled upon in the future which will require Christians to flee for their lives. Too bad the seers have no discernment regarding these things. 

I actually found the talks of both Brother Jackson and Cook to be encouraging and so I do not offer any rebuttal. Admittedly, it took a while to dawn on me that what was presented regarding the parable of the separation (One will be taken along and the other left behind) applying to the anointed was actually new light. I have always known this and had not realized the Governing Body did not teach this prior to this program. Again, has someone at Bethel been reading my blog? 

The brothers emphasized the point, that although the master has yet to come to judge his appointed slaves the notion of an evil slave is not presented as prophecy but is only a warning. That is most interesting. Because it seems to me that the Governing Body is divided on the issue of vaccines. 

As mentioned, the theme of the Annual Meeting may have well been that the faithful slave always provides food at the proper time. And in the concluding segment, several members of the Governing Body imply that the acquisition and distribution of the vaccines was and is food at the proper time and that the hand of Jehovah has been involved. That is incredible seeing that the political nations of Satan’s dark world are resorting to sheer tyranny to lockdown and inject every single solitary soul. 

This ought to be very unsettling for all of Jehovah’s Witnesses. For one thing, how do we get from supplying spiritual food at the proper time to distributing an untested, experimental injection that is killing tens of thousands of people around the world and sickening and permanently injuring untold millions? 

Surely, the Governing Body is aware that the vaccines are not only dangerous but are ineffective. The “experts” and media reps for the pharmaceutical industry claim it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated even though everyone knows that is a lie. Is the “faithful” slave going to be supplying regular booster shots at the proper time too? Are you going to publish the numbers of those who die even though vaccinated as well as the body count of those who are killed by the injections?

It certainly appears as if an evil slave has distinguished himself. David Splane ought to be made to explain how vaccination is necessary to remain in the land of the living when the facts show that the virus has a 99.8% survival rate and young people are far more likely to leave the land of the living by taking the injections than by succumbing to the Covid19 virus. 

Back when I began understanding the prophecies in a different light originally I thought that the various prophetic denunciations of the leaders of God’s people regarding their bloodguilt were hyperbole. I had wrongly assumed that God was speaking in terms of symbolic death, such as in wrongly disfellowshipping brothers who cannot accept 1914 or some of the recent misdoings of the organization. Now it is coming more clearly into focus. It is literal bloodguilt!

(By the way, a new discussion forum is available and it already has a few dozen members who are thoroughly disgusted with the Watchtower’s vaccination mandate. I started a thread listing obituaries of JW’s who are dying prematurely from unspecified causes. Of course, Jehovah and Jesus know the precise count but this is the best I can do to establish a public record of the Watchtower’s crime.)

God is going to hold the leaders of the Watchtower personally responsible for every sheep that perishes from taking their deadly injections at the proper time. For example, at Isaiah 59:3-4 Jehovah rebukes the leaders of his people before he saves them: “For your own palms have become polluted with blood, and your fingers with error. Your own lips have spoken falsehood. Your own tongue kept muttering sheer unrighteousness. There is no one calling out in righteousness, and no one at all has gone to court in faithfulness. There has been a trusting in unreality, and a speaking of worthlessness. There has been a conceiving of trouble, and a bringing of what is hurtful to birth.”

Whereas, Jesus’ parable speaking of both evil and faithful slaves may be explained away as a mere warning and not prophecy, the prophecy of Isaiah is devastatingly appropriate. 

Your hands have blood on them. Your lips mutter falsehood and unrighteousness, claiming that Christ has come; that Jehovah’s Witnesses are on the Highway of holiness. What a disgrace! You really are trusting in unreality. A Highway of holiness where not one animalistic person is found? Seriously?!! How many tender sheep have had their innocence devoured in your predator-free “spiritual paradise”?

And shame on you for placing a bandaid on the upper arm of your cartoon darling, Sophi; using subliminal suggestion techniques to promote your toxic jab among children! What a hurtful brood of vipers there is among you at Bethel!

Have your lawyers gone to court in faithfulness, upholding the interests of the proverbial fatherless child, as Jehovah commands? We know the answer to that. 

Surely, the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania was a milestone. It is evident that the apostasy the apostle Paul foretold must come first—that is, first before the parousia —has begun. We surely are living in exciting times, brothers!

The Governing Body has even backhandedly intimated that some of them are evil slaves. You can almost hear certain concerned men whispering in prayer: “It is not I, is it Lord?” That is because it is becoming obvious to some of us that some of you are comfortable associating with the drunkards of the world, those vaccine peddlers; and it is also evident that the evil slaves have begun beating those who refuse to take the injections, casting them as disloyal to Jehovah who has provided the vaccines like life-giving manna from heaven.

You certainly do speak what is worthless, belittling the coming of Christ—trivializing it. You are just like the disciples that Jesus rebuked after his resurrection; calling them senseless and slow to believe all the things the prophets spoke. What a hurtful scheme you have hatched, supplying Jehovah’s trusting sheep with an elixir that will not protect them from the virus and may kill them in the future. 

How true, Jehovah’s denunciation: “The eggs of a poisonous snake are what they have hatched, and they kept weaving the mere cobweb of a spider. Anyone eating some of their eggs would die, and the egg that was smashed would be hatched into a viper. Their mere cobweb will not serve as a garment, nor will they cover themselves with their works. Their works are hurtful works, and the activity of violence is in their palms. Their own feet keep running to sheer badness, and they are in a hurry to shed innocent blood.” — Isaiah 59:5-7 

As the new year begins it appears that the nuclear powers are being inexorably drawn into what will surely be a global, nuclear conflict. By the way, it is also reported that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has extended a lifeline to the big Wall Street banks now totaling over $20,000,000,000,000 of what is surely an unpayable loan, not an overnight repo. That, just to keep a bankrupt gambler’s game from collapse. Except, once the first shots are fired the whole system is sure to crash.

The Governing Body exhorts JW’s to keep on the watch, but for what? Shouldn’t the ongoing diabolic drive to collapse the present system bear watching, or is that all just a conspiracy theory?

When world war three erupts then we will know that the end has begun—that Christ is at the door. Then the ten virgins will venture out into the darkness with their oil lamps to meet the incoming bridegroom. Then the five foolish virgins will go back to get oil from the providers of food at the proper time and by the time they get to the feast, the door will be closed. 

What about the darkness through which the ten virgins must travel? Isaiah goes on to speak for the chosen alive then: “That is why justice has come to be far away from us, and righteousness does not catch up with us. We keep hoping for light, but, look! darkness; for brightness, but in continuous gloom we kept walking. We keep groping for the wall just like blind men, and like those without eyes we keep groping. We have stumbled at high noon just as in evening darkness; among the stout ones we are just like dead people. We keep groaning, all of us, just like bears; and like doves we mournfully keep cooing. We kept hoping for justice, but there was none; for salvation, but it has stayed far away from us.” — Isaiah 59:9-12

It is against that backdrop that Christ will reveal himself to the called, chosen, and faithful.  

This Kingdom Buttetin is being electronically distributed to the Governing Body and several thousand elders. Please feel free to distribute it among your JW contacts.

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