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Frank Conger
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This is a tricky question and if one were to jump to conclusions that person might say that it was John whom Jesus loved.  That is the traditional “wisdom”.  But this situation is clearly one of those where the Holy Spirit decides to throw us a curve ball if we are not careful, we might be thinking that we are swinging at a fastball right down the middle.

There are only three disciples that Jesus is directly said to love in the scriptures.  In John 11 it says “Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazʹa·rus”.  Now Lazarus is the only male in this group who would have had a chance of being in “the bosom position” with Jesus at the Passover Celebration of 33 C.E..  And rightly so because Lazarus was the subject of one of Jesus’ most spectacular miracles and also one of the most public.

Lazarus even had to “hide” from the Pharisees and other religious leaders as he had become an enemy of the State as Jesus was.  Jesus also would understand that Lazarus was his Son by resurrection and since Jesus did not have any genetic sons, Lazarus would be considered his firstborn, therefore making it more understandable when he said to Mary while on the torture stake, ” By the torture stake of Jesus, however, there were standing his mother and his mother’s sister; Mary the wife of Cloʹpas and Mary Magʹda·lene. 26  So when Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother: “Woman, see! Your son!”.  Jesus was letting Lazarus know that he was Jesus heir and he would have the responsibility to care for his spiritual grandma.

Yes, it says that Jesus ate the passover “with the twelve” but it also says that they held the passover at “so and so’s”.  I propose that the reason why they used the name “so and so” was to protect Lazarus from a vengeful act by those that grew to hate him because Jesus raised him from the dead in front of so many and put them to shame.

If you read the final two chapters of John you will notice I think that they sound like two last chapters.  There have been books written about this and you would do well to research it yourselves, but there are some (me being among them) that think that Lazarus wrote the final chapter of John’s gospel in secret, again to protect him against attack.

Keep in mind that there is not one scripture to indicate that it is John whom Jesus loved but there are plenty of reasons to come to the conclusion that it was actually Lazarus whom Jesus truly loved.  Not to the exclusion of all others that he died for, but for the reason of the love that a Father has for a Son.  Just think about it….


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