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“The Appointed Times of the Nations”

The worshiper “with spirit” understands that the “teaching of Christ” is the basis of understanding (interpretation) of the prophecies … and the Song of Moses settle the “spinal column” of the events regarding God’s people during the ‘latter days”
the “spiritual” Israel means those “called to be holly” – a holy nation/people for Jehovah -Romans 9:6 ; Titus 2:14 ; 1Peter 2:9
They have received the command to watch for … Hebrew 12:16
The Song of Moses (or of Jehovah) shows us that “His sons and daughters” have turned their hearts from Jehovah and disobeyed in many ways and as the result Jehovah has decided to punish them! EXACTLY , to punish His own people by allowing -for a certain fixed period of time- the “strangers” or “other nations” to “trample” His own people , people of whom individuals build up exactly God’s Temple (1 Cor.3:16) – again the spiritual meaning –
… so, “the appointed time of the nations” means the time when Jehovah punishes His own people , a period of great distress for His children – Daniel 11:36 / exactly during this “period of Jehovah’s anger / indignation” …. this period is the time when the MoL is ruling in God’s Temple … THEN, the (day of) judgement comes, and Jesus with the sword coming out of his mouth (2Tess. 2:8) is destroying the lawlessness …that means, the anger of Jehovah ends over His people and go against the oppressors (enemies) of His people ..Deut. 32:36-43 / Daniel 7:25-27 / Ezekiel 21:25-27 / Isaiah 42:23-25 .

Please, read the Song of Moses if you want to be counted among those “singing it” – Rev 15:2-4.

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