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The watchtower is not part of Babylon the great. Maybe in the future… as you said when the wheat is taken out… but not now… Jehovah does not accept any kind of worship from the different religions that compose babylon the great… they are detestable before his eyes. It is just like the situation with ancient Israel… Israel was Gods precious people they disobeyed but Jehovah still loved them… and Babylon the great can be compared with the surrounding nations that as you said were not destroyed when Israel received judgement… but they received everlasting destruction for their sins and they were cursed by God in part because they were cruel and were happy when Israel received judgement. In that same way… when the spiritual Israel receives a punishment… Babylon the great will be very happy and they will follow the same pattern as ancient nations… but at the end all of them will be destroyed forever… and that may include the watchtower but in the future… not now just like the jewish system became obsolete…. and was destroyed.

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