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But you say that all this does not mean that the witnesses, or watchtower, are not representative of Jehovah but nonetheless, a part of a greater picture. Why then should we assume that, as Robert points out, the judgement will be coming first against the watchtower? Why not all of Christendom at the same time. In some respects, I am not convinced that some parts of Christendom have ANY inkling of the god they claim to represent. Some do. Some ignore God altogether and worship men, or animals, or figments of imagination.

I hope I haven’t given the wrong impression – I do believe the WT as an organization has it’s place, for in these last days they were entrusted “with the sacred pronouncements of God”, and “in fact, into all the earth their sound went out, and to the ends of the inhabited earth their message” – So much so that many in Christendom now have a much more accurate understanding of the Bible. Yet you bring up a very excellent question about the judgment, and it certainly deserves further delving. If there is anyone that can scripturally enlighten us on this, I am all ears!

In the end analysis, you say that it is love alone that carries the path to salvation and quote the words of Jesus. I can believe that, agree it, applaud it. But what of the Knowing of Jehovah? How can you love something you do not know, and which, incidentally, is a scriptural fact also, but where, I’m sorry to say, I cannot recall.

I realize now, that I need to amend my ending. Because I seem to give the impression that works of no sort are required. I make the argument for works in the beginning, but I lose the reader by not referring to them once again at the end. So I’m going to add a paragraph reiterating that thought. I will also address the issue of “knowing Jehovah”.

I do think your thoughts on the non-exclusivity of the watchtower is valid though as I have said. I think the connections you have made to show that are very solid too and impart the sense of ‘why hasn’t anyone else seen this?’ and which is often a good pointer to truth. But I don’t pretend to understand all you have written. I’m just not on that level….I wish I was. Yet what it does do, is put an entirely different approach to the tribulation. Can you just say then, what should we be arming ourselves with scripturally….? If all this is correct, what should we do about it? What is the criteria for salvation if those in Christendom are to be treated equally? Can it just be love of righteousness?

That was my question too! I am planning to address this question next, in my personal study. If I come up with anything solid, I will share it here.

{quote]Your article is a wonderful piece of work. Thank you for it.[/quote]

Thank you Burt! I just couldn’t understand why the prophets kept referring to Israel & Judah. It plagued me for months! But it all flooded in when I saw those magazines at the hospital. (I just realized, I forgot to attach them! I will do that now.) 🙂

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