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Frank Conger
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Hi Londoner:

Wow, was that a long explanation. I must admit I skipped over sections trying to get to the conclusion and I am not one to skip sections usually. I applaud the work that went into this explanation but I don’t buy it.

I do agree that Jerusalem being in a covenant relationship with Jehovah at one time is a “harlot”. But there are also two other well known “harlots” that share the title in the Greek scriptures of the Bible. In order to be a “harlot” to God, you first have to have been in a covenant relationship with him either directly as was the nation of Israel in the covenant of Moses or indirectly through a covenant relationship with his Son, Jesus which by connection would also be with him (Jehovah) as all the offspring in his line are his sons.

There are two such harlots who fulfill Revelation. The one sprang from those in the covenant with Jesus from the first Century who became a harlot in the form of the apostate Catholic or “Universal” church that started by blending an apostate form of Christianity with the Roman State to form the Roman Catholic Church. This harlot sits on many “waters” which are described in the Bible as people and tribes and nations etc.. Then… you have the most recent manifestation of this harlot in the form of the Watchtower which entered into a covenant with Jesus and Jehovah in modern times and were charged with collecting the remnant of the Bride of Christ on the earth in modern times. This true Christian Church although never perfect by Godly standards also went afoul of their covenant with God and itself became a “harlot” church that also has built a Kingdom over “many waters” throughout every country on earth today. Both harlots will come to there end very soon. The four winds of Revelation and Daniel 7 are about to start blowing. Listen to the words of the Bible when it says “get out of her my people” which includes the Catholic Church, the Watchtower and any other false church on the earth that have people of honest faith in them. Christ will be calling to you all through the angels (who are the harvesters of the time of the end or conclusion of a system of things).

Babylon was the first Nation State that formed in opposition to his people and the covenant that he had with them. Today, it is the seventh King of the Nation State system of Anglo/America that is about to receive a supposed “death blow”. The eighth king will be an image of the seven, which are represented by the United Nations (currently a toothless power) that will go down with the deathblow to the Nation State system (how can you be a “peace” organization when there is world war?). But, in the midst of tribulation the “image of the beast”, a new improved version of the United Nations (It’s Son) so to speak will arise from the sea of mankind looking for an answer to tribulation. This will be the eighth King of Daniel 7. A tyrannical beast that will rule for only a very short time before it itself is destroyed by God’s Kingdom. We are going to see it happen before our very eyes unless we meet an untimely death (which might be a blessing).


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