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Frank CongerFrank Conger
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This is clearly to cover the tracks of those men who are still around from the gross sinning with the U.N. before 1992 (when they had applied to be engaged to the U.N.) or after January 28, 1992 when the were actually married as adulteresses (bigamist’s) to the U.N. as an approved NGO. All of the 1NC’s are now dead, but the “helpers” to the GB are still around in some capacity. Some of them masquerading as New Covenant Bride Members, but they still have “never” repented publicly. Perhaps they went through the motions of repentance like your comment suggests, but they have not been forgiven by Jehovah. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are not still connected in some sly way. When you commit sin and do not repent your heart hardens to sin and you stop looking at the activity as sin anymore. Or, you reason that all that field service and all that Bethel service somehow wipes away the sin. IT DOESN’T. They will be disciplined by Jehovah and his Son Christ Jesus very soon and hopefully they will be moved to repentance for this awful sin they have committed.