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Frank CongerFrank Conger
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The reason why Donald Trump is in power is that he is a “Nation Stater” along with Teresa May of the U.K. They are the ones that will be taught a lesson by the demons when they destroy the Anglo/American World Power, or at least it looks like they do, at least temporarily. I think Jehovah is using the situation to hook Satan in the Jaws and force him to make his final move before his and the demons ultimate destruction by the Kingdom of God after they form their eighth king, a new improved “image of the beast” the old U.N.. The image of the beast will not be a toothless wonder like it’s Father, but will have all the militaries of the whole earth at its desposal (who can do battle with it). Jehovah is bating Satan and the demons into the end game of this system. Satan does not want to make that move because he is a Nation Stater at heart, but his demons, they prefer a world government system and will “pull the trigger” by destroying London and New York, bringing the Nation State system to destruction. They will then set up the seven headed, ten horned beast, the new U.N. and will go about subjecting the whole world to that eighth world power. They will only rule for a limited time and will be finally destroyed by God’s Kingdom, which is also the answer to the question, “who can do battle with it?”