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Frank Conger
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The Kingdom of God is not set-up when the image of Daniel is destroyed, it is set up when the fourth image of Daniel 7 is destroyed. The dream and the interpretation in the original dream apply to the same incident but often in fulfillment in the symbolic they are two different fulfillments. In symbolic fulfillment the dream is the destruction of the image by the demons with the stone becoming the world government tyranny of the eighth world power that is actually a gov’t that controls the whole world. The stone, cut out of the mountain of the nation state system, destroys that system symbolized by the images destruction. Then that stone grows into the mountain of “those kings” which is the 10 kings symbolized by the 10 horns on the seven headed eighth beast.

The symbolic fulfillment of the interpretation the stone is the kingdom of God that destroys, not the image of Daniel 2, but the seven headed, 10 horned beast of Daniel 7. In the fulfillment the stone does not destroy the kings of the image of Daniel two as “those kings” don’t come to power until the image of Daniel 2 are already long gone. “Those kings” are the 10 kings of Daniel 7 and Revelation 17. God’s Kingdom cannot destroy “those kings” of Daniel 2 as they are all already dead, for centuries for most and a few months for Anglo/America. The 10 kings that logically are the ‘those kings” do not even come to power until world power 7 receive their supposed “death blow by the demons. Once the nation state system is destroyed the fourth beast of Daniel 7 will rise and will quickly be dispatched by the Kingdom of God which is described in detail in Daniel 7.

We have not seen the 10 kings (those kings)yet and will not see them until after the demons fulfill their plot of destroying the nation state system by crushing the image of Daniel 2, just like the anarchists are destroying the actual images at this time. Read Daniel 7 real closely and notice that the Kingdom of God does not set itself up until after it destroys the eighth king forever.

Bible prophecy often has a way of throwing us curves between the original “actual or literal fulfillment and the future symbolic fulfillments. The order of events will be the demons who destroy the nation state system symbolized by the destruction of the image of Daniel 2, then that stone will “become” a large mountain and fill the whole earth in the form of the eighth beast which is the final world power of the demons in an actual world power government. At that time the Kingdom of God will destroy this eighth king after the great tribulation and the mark of the beast periods. See very clearly in Daniel 7 that Gods Kingdom clearly destroys the 10 kings, plus the other king that pops up during their overthrow of the whole earth, not the image of Daniel 2
2 that clearly happens before the eventual rise of the “image of the beast”, which will be a newly designed
U.N. that has control over the army’s and navy’s of the whole earth.

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