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Cmon man! PLLLEASE, at least consider my logic if at least for a moment….
this is the same guy who decided if cyndi Lauper or Brett Michaels would make a better CEO for a company that doesn’t even exist, on a scripted reality television show!
Think about that… the star of a reality TV show is supposedly the most powerful man in modern day politics!
This is the same clown that got into the wrestling ring in a scripted fight and faked asaulting Vince McMahon.
LMFAO LOL…Hold up…. ROBERT, this is the same guy that shaved Vince McMahon’s head with a razor because of a scripted bet over who would select the winner of a pay per view title match!
Dude…. He where’s a…. wig! He is so vain and insecure he swears by that damn thing as if he’s fooling somebody. He is a Bigot sociopath control freak. He beat the crap out of his first wife and ripped out pieces of her hair all because she suggested some type of hair follicle surgery for him and that led to his first divorce along with a settlement and a gag order that she wasn’t to discuss anything about their marriage to anyone. I’m sorry Robert I can’t believe that he’s the one to try and change everything. Pardon me for this on your website but…. THE MAN IS A COMPLETE SHIT SHOW!