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”You mean to tell me that even though Jehovah accepted smokers as a part of Jesus Bride up until the time when the Watchtower decided that you could not be a good Christian and smoke. Did Jehovah change his mind about those ones he had already admitted simply because some self righteous individuals on the “governing body” came up with that idea. Please, Jehovah is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow”. I did not mean to say that, I am not interested in what the governing body says if the bible doesnt teach that. What I mean to say was that people that now suffers of ”spina bifida” like you said and homosexual desires and gender confusion and depression and adictions are going to be healed shortly after armageddon, that was my point. And also that if you suffer of one of those afflictions NOW it doesn’t mean that in the kingdom you will not be an administrator or something like that because we all be healed from whatever disease we could have now. And thats the big difference with the Law of Moses and the Israelites… in those times, people did not have the chance to change their condition but when Jesus came all that changed, the blinded saw, the deaf heard and so on… thats exactly what is going to happen during the 1000 years reign people will be instanstaneously healed shortly after armageddon and they will be able to do whatever Jehovah or Jesus will want them or choose them to do. I think that the parallel with the system under the law is that those people who are going to be resurrected with those afflictions and will not want to change them and be healed are those who will not be permitted to administrate or even live in paradise, they will be put to death, in that case, eternal death.

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