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I would like to add something. Although Jehovah condemns homosexuality, you are not less than everyone just because you feel that. We are ALL sinners. If you continue fighting Jehovah will bless you always. You were asking that if it’s enough being celibate, well if you fight thats enough because the bible does not teach that “those who have homosexual desires will not inherit the kingdom” the bible does not teach that… the original word mentioned in the bible is arsenokoitai which means literally “man-bed” which at the same time means men who have sexual intercourse with other men. So, as long as you stay away from doing that and you fight against it you are clean.
Nevertheless I must mention that you have to fight against those desires following this principle: “Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.” But look that the bible mentions in the same versicle greed and idolatry… so homosexualiity is not worse than those sins… you are not less worthy than other peole for feeling it. Furthermore just like you have to fight against that, many people fight against other tendencies… so you are not alone Jehovah is with you as lomg as you keep being faithful. So I encourage you to love yourself more and not look at you the way you are doing it, you can win that fight. Remember that in the first century some people were gay and they stopped doing that, and if they remained faithful and obeyed God and fought and changed they are now waiting in their tombs to live with Christ in heaven! Look how merciful is Jehovah God!
On the other hand is really sad to read that some brothers do not imitate Jehovah and reject people for whatever reason they could have… in your case for having this tendency. And even sadder that this has pushed you to be inactive. It is awful! Jehovahs witnesses should be loving and merciful and should encourage you for being celibate and fight… their role is not jugding is loving!

In conclusion, you are not less for feeling this we all have our struggles, some are harder than others but it doesnt mean you are less and unworthy. For God homosexuality is a bad as someone who is an idolater or commits adultery. You have to love yourself more and keep on struggling and never EVER leave Jehovahs hand. He loves you as He loves everyone and for him we are all the same. I send you a hug and keep on you can win this battle. You are not less christian or person for this what is important is that you have remained faithful and have fought. Who knows… maybe you will be declared “sheep” while those who you treated you bad will be thrown into the fiery furnace…

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