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”Well, Israel was a foreshadow of the Kingdom to come, and the same thing is true of the Kingdom. Homosexuality will keep you or anyone else practicing it out of the administration of the Kingdom. You will not be permitted to be an administrator in the Kingdom. But, there will be all kinds of sinners who are citizens in the Kingdom and their sins will be varied and strong even upon resurrection.”

I completely disagree with this in some way… I don’t think that Jehovah will allow that all those people who now struggle with unnatural desires and maybe those with addictions like alcohol, pornography, smoking, drugs and all those terrible burdens and feelings will feel them during the 1000 years reign. At least not until the end when we will reach perfection, that would be very very cruel. If now we feel with low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness because of some weaknesses during 70 years, I cannot imagine how bad will be living in paradise with all that and struggling with it. We wouldn’t be happy at all. Like the watchtower now teaches, I think that the survivors of the great tribulation will be healed short after the beggining of the 1000 years, healed from diseases and mental disorders which include all that I previously mention. Because, can you imagine people building a paradise with depression or bipolar disorders or with feelings of homosexuality? That will be a mess. Although we will still be sinners and will struggle and make an effort to follow the rules and the new scrolls, we will not struggle with these horrible weaknesses.

Nevertheless, I do agree that Israel was a foreshadow of the 1000 years reign in the sense that all those who sin wilfully will be put to death and there will be new rules and steps to follow to reach perfection. But, in order to be happy we will not be ”slaves” of those feelings.

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