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Hi Hannah and all,
I was talking with my husband this morning, discussing the fact that no man has the right to lord it over others through titles in “God’s organization”. He brought up a good scripture 1Timothy 3:1. He wondered why it said to reach out for “officeof overseer”, the word “office” inherently referring to a title of power in our modern minds.

I brought up how “the greatest among you must be your minister”, “the nations lord it over [others]”, Jesus refused to even take the title, “good”etc……

I also decided to research the phrase “office of overseer”. I found Psalms 109:8 “Let his office of oversight” be given to someone else. A reference to both the MOL and Judas Iscariot (based on Acts 1 where Judas’ “office of oversight” was given to another) Psalm 109 is comforting to read BTW.

If you connect all of these scriptures and this phrase, the “office” of overseer/oversight equates to an apostleship in a sense. Perhaps this is why Jesus commended the Ephesians in Revelation for “putting to the test those who say they are apostles [in a sense, overseers or elders]” and finding that they are not. Rev. 2:2. We know the “apostles”were counseled often about not seeking to Lord it over others.
Perimeno is fond of making the distinction between elders who are appointed by HS and those appointed by the WT. My mother has been fond of making this distinction herself. This has application here.

In all cases the Greek word is episkope(n)
meaning “visitation of judgment” and/or oversight, supervision, overseer

It becomes clear that the idea of “office” in the modern sense or in the sense of a lordship over others was never intended by the Greek, but only the duty of oversight and supervision.


Notice episkope means also “visitation of judgment”
Luke 19:44-“You did not discern the time of your being inspected (episkope).”
1Peter 2:12 “glorify God in the day for his inspection (episkope).”

Knowing Jehovah as I do, I do not think it is a coincidence that the Greek word used for the “office of overseer” and “visitation of judgment” is the same word. Judas Iscariot, the Pharisees both faced their ‘visitation of judgment’ or ‘day of inspection’ so will the MOL.

Amen, Come EPISKOPE!

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