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One gets the sense that I, like many, run ahead of the word of God as we’ve become prone to emulate the myriad examples in doing so the WT has so prolifically shown us. Perhaps we demand of Jehovah that there be an exclusivity for us to partake in that simply doesn’t exist yet, as you so rightly point out the Israel of God technically does not exist yet, and I know Robert has written his acknowledgement of this fact also.

Conversely, I have great difficulty overlaying any other body into the grave of Jehovah’s denunciations as Robert has explained the prophets to us, where Jehovah’s Witnesses appear to fit on all points. Can it be this is simply prejudicial on my part? Or am I attempting to compare something I see now to a prophetic image more rightly viewed as a future state? Is it right to at least consider the possibility that since the call to get out of BTG has not yet occurred, everything is BTG, we JW’s just another sect of Christendom?

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