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Robert KingRobert King
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I don’t think Russia awarded the family because they are Jehovah’s Witnesses. They just simply happen to be a Witness family – ironically, now deemed to be extremists. It seems to me Putin didn’t know they were JW’s. I would hope not anyways. It just makes them look foolish, awarding a family of a just outlawed group. How screwy is that?

The reason the award is given is because Russia’s vast territory, which spans half the globe, encompassing 12 time zones, has always been chronically under-populated. So, large families are given recognition in order to encourage other families to get with it.

As far as the WT publicizing the award, that is typical WT. They seem especially keen to tout the award given the fact the WT has been liquidated in Russia. It’s a crazy world out there. Gonna get a lot crazier too.