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A friend from the site informed me that this is difficult to understand. Sorry. Let me try to give details that will help those who are interested. This was my reply to them.

The link is not from a JW , but is basically an ancient history reference not religious but explains who Rahab was.

Rahab was the name of the mythical sea monster that the Egyptians revered in the Red Sea. It was like a god and Jehovah showed it to be nothing by splitting the Red Sea. Rahab is another name for Egypt. That is why Jehovah calls her Rahab, the one for sitting still because she could do nothing to stop him from the 10 plagues or splitting the sea. The US is Rahab who will also be powerless to stop Jehovah. It is the sea monster laying on the seashore,vanquished, as shown in Ezekiel 32 or Rahab dead by the sea.

I was trying to draw the parallel to what Jesus said that the vultures would gather to the carcass. The WTO says its the “body where the eagles gather”. They believe the body is Jesus and far sighted ones gather there. This is not accurate. There were no eagles in Jerusalem only eagle vultures. Most translations translate this as ‘where the carcass is there the vultures will gather’.

When you understand this, you can see clearly that Jesus was quoting from Ezekiel about the end of the US. Rahab the sea monster’s carcass laying dead on the seashore. This is what Jesus was talking about.

When you understand this, you can see why the disciples asked “Where, Lord?” and in reply, Jesus said ‘one will be taken and the other left remain’ about the women at the handmill and the men on the rooftop. Some,”the vultures” will go to the”carcass” as if they still trust in its power or to receive the spoils as Ezekiel seems to indicate. Perhaps they will stay when the ‘deathstroke’ that the 7th head receives is healed and worship it. (This is all just a suggestion. What do you think?)

There is something big here to apply to all we know already.