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I remember hearing that too! Just can’t remember when or where I heard it… perhaps it was in a talk at a convention? Maybe in 2010 when the Jeremiah book came out? Due to this paragraph?

Jeremiah Book, (jr) chap. 6
P 18 “To the Rechabites, obeying their long-dead ancestor was important. With even greater diligence, true worshippers should obey the commands of the living God. The Rechabites’ resolve to obey impressed Jehovah, and it stood in stark contrast to the Jews’ disobedience. God promised the Rechabites protection from the coming calamity. Applying that lesson today, is it not reasonable that those who strictly obey Jehovah are assured of his protection during the great tribulation?—Read Jeremiah 35:19.

Funny, but a few chapters later, it seems to say the opposite. Almost like the book was written by two different authors….lol

Chap. 9, p 112
Par 18 We need to remember that what Jehovah has promised as a spoil is our “soul.” Even if a few of his servants perish in the persecution that may come during “the great tribulation” when the political horns of the wild beast turn against religion, those faithful ones will not really have lost out. Their “soul” is guaranteed to live again to enjoy “the real life,” in the new world. (Rev. 7:14, 15; 1 Tim. 6:19) We can rest assured, however, that most of God’s servants who prove faithful at that time will come out of the great tribulation. You can be sure that when God brings calamity against the nations, no faithful one will be among “those slain by Jehovah.”—Jer. 25:32, 33.