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Frank CongerFrank Conger
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Hi Huldah:

Yes, I think most of the folks on this board understand that weeds have been sown and are flourishing in the hearts of people in control of JW’s through their unscriptural democratic process that is used by Jezebel. The problem is that weeds have a funny way of looking like wheat on the outside It will surely take the angels to do the weeding, at least until we get to the point that we can spot the weeds on our own, without error. Don’t know how many decades, Centuries etc. that will take but surely Jesus and his angels will surely know.

I think I am marked as a weed on this board, but only time will tell for sure. Glad they are not going to be running the show. Not even the Apostles could tell they had “a devil” in their midst, that’s how crafty they are.