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Hi Hannah
We’ve been conversing a bit on narcissism already.
You have done some of your own research, I know. Good insight.
You are more gracious than I am because you seem to always seek to understand and are averse to judging. Good traits to have.

That being said I have to say that the “snowflake” epidemic seems to me to be a direct result of the rise of narcissism and the “self-esteem” movement. It has truly created a self-centric generation or two. If you google narcissism, it has become a pandemic of sorts, with far more narcissists in the population than ever before. “Lovers of themselves, self-assuming, haughty…you get my drift. It is the permissive non-disciplinary parenting and erroneous belief that good parenting is centering your life around the every whim of your child. I have to lament the loss of the time when the prevailing opinion was ” children should be seen and not heard”. Sounds like a harsh even neglectful belief, but think of the humility that would result from a child being shown that the world does not revolve around them and their parent’s needs are just as, if not more, important than their own. A bit turned on it’s head from the world we live in now, but I’d much rather live in a world filled with people with lowliness of mind rather than delusions of their own grandeur that they will fight to the death to keep.

I’ve been bringing up this idea of “gnashing teeth” quite a lot lately. Before Steven was stoned, he was breaking the delusion of quite a few ancient “snowflakes”. They couldn’t take him throwing stones at their glass houses. Even in the face of supernatural proof, they were unwilling to courageously face the truth and their own failings, repent and turn around as Paul humbly did. A basic case of stubborn haughtiness and a complete lack of humility.

It seems your good instincts perked up when you noticed this great rise in “snowflakes”. My concern is, that when the ‘pith hits the flan’, these seemingly innocent “snowflakes” will turn into nuclear reactors whose meltdown will mean not a few harsh words but vicious persecution for those of us who are willing to speak the truth even at the risk of our lives. (Gnashing their teeth at us.) Some experiences that I have had lately, along with Robert’s writings are making it clear to me that this is a battle all true christians must be prepared to face.

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