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Frank Conger
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The true wheat are the ones that Jesus planted on the fine soil and are the ones chosen by Jehovah to be Jesus Bride and reign with him in the heavens. The lawless ones have their seeds planted by Satan the Devil who is “the man” that goes behind Jesus and plants seeds as well. We know that Judas was called a devil by Jesus in John 6 circa vs 60, because although Jesus allowed Judas to join his Apostles, he was only permitted so to fulfill scripture. Jesus knew that Judas was a weed right from the beginning. Read the end of John 6 very carefully and you will see this. Plus, Jehovah would not draw a weed to be part of his Son’s Bride.

No doubt other weeds were also drawn toward true Christianity and some no doubt made their way to the pinnacle of influence in early Christianity and formed the seed of apostacy. The man of lawlessness was born during the first presence of the Christ. This lawlessness grew until the latter part of the first Century it was in full bloom in the form of the Catholic Church whick became the Harlot that rode the wild beast of Rome as the first Century “man of lawlessness”‘

In this Century the true Church that Jehovah drew sanctified ones to was Jehovah’s Witnesses. But just as in first Century Christianity, there were wheat that was planted in righteous hearts and there were likewise weeds planted in unsanctified hearts and both were attracted to the JW’s. Some (the wheat) were attracted by Jehovah to join the wheat that was selected by him in the first presence into early Christianity. The problem is that weeds were also planted by the devil and these weeds (some of them) were also attracted to “the Truth”. In this way the second presence of the Christ also has both wheat and weeds in it. The wheat are naturally drawn by Jehovah into positions of authority, but weeds move themselves into these same positions of authority in God’s Organization. It is the weeds that form another composite man known as the “man of lawlessness, similar to the one in the first presence in the first Century. In the first Century it was these weeds that directed the apostate form of Christianity into an alliance with Rome and became the Great Harlot of the first presence “The Catholic Church”. If given enough time Jehovah’s Witnesses would take the same course with those truly sanctified going in their own direction and the weeds joining with the political system of this world to form another Great Harlot of this time. They have already rode the beast, the U.N. from January 28, 1992 till October 31, 2001 when they were found out and made public by a newspaper story.

It is not too far of a stretch to see them join up with the wild beast that forms soon that will be “the image of the beast” which will be some new and improved U.N. (or Son of the U.N., because the image of something is its Son). But Jehovah plans on disciplining the ones in his organization that he loves, and when he does it will become very apparent who the truly “sanctified” ones are because they will be made known by Christ himself. Then there will be no doubt who the remnant of the Bride of Christ are and who are the imposter’s, some of whom make up the “man of lawlessness” of this presence. You will not have to guess who they are and the ones who have “anointed themselves” will be put on display for all to see. Some of them will be among those that stand up in “a holy place” making themselves equal to God. Can’t wait! Yes I can, I have to.

Frank Conger

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