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Don’t see an edit button so I’m adding a bit of detail to my post by replying.

Another great video to look at is “The Four Horsemen” documentary on Youtube. It isn’t biblical , but it details the stages and signs of the fall of an empire and the age of decadence as the last stages of decline. It shows clearly how we are there.

If you want to be enlightened, these are two great places to start besides this site, of course.

The banksters have turned the stock market into a casino by creating 2 quadrillion of essentially valueless investments called derivatives. The system is able to keep these bets afloat because the wheels are still grinding. Just one snag and the whole thing collapses. Think 1930’s bank run on steroids. Most of the big banks have around 500 billion of these pseudo assets sitting on their books. We don’t really need a nuclear bomb, when we have a financial bomb. Think The Great Depression on steroids.

Robert has mentioned that he sees the banksters literally taking over all of the assets in the world through debt arbitrage. Perhaps a banker controlled dictatorial world government. Very plausible.

Remember all those people who lost their homes in “08? Why? Because their home values were below their loans and it was no longer logical to keep paying. Who ended up with the real estate and never had to pay their own debts? The bankers, yep.

Ever seen a sign that says “Bank Owned”. Go ahead, enlarge it and paste it on planet earth. All those $30,000 trucks the high school juniors are buying, the empty shopping malls, the stocks bought on margin, and if you think the gold you have holed up in that Bunker in the Swiss Alps is safe, you’ve got another thing coming.

Oh yeah, and remember real estate….
The most credible analysts say that real estate will fall back to the pre-boom levels of 2000. So who will be holding the bulk of the debt financed real estate in the end? Two words. “Bank Owned”.

As the bible says, “the borrower is a slave to the lender”. In Jehovah’s mind, it’s ‘let God be found true though every man be found a liar’.

The whole world has been on a multi decade debt party that dwarfs the roaring 20’s and the punch bowl is about to be taken away in a big way.

It seems that the fate of every government is fast becoming the same fate as Greece. The US government bailed out the banks, but who will bail out the debt-laden US govt?
The EU bailed out Greece, but who will bail out the EU? London is a financial mecca. What happens to it when all of finance lies in ruins?

The fall of the Anglo American world power without a shot fired. Einstein could not have devised the formula for a more effective weapon than the avarice of men.

What do you see coming?