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There’s so much to consider from your post. When you mentioned that the Herods are Edomites, I remembered that Edom came from Esau.
It seems to me that Satan has used family, especially siblings to test and trouble Jehovah’s faithful ones from the beginning. EX. Cain, Ishmael, Esau, Joseph’s brothers, Jesus’ brothers,Israel vs Judah, the Herods….
I think the fact that we call ourselves brothers and sisters in the congregation has double meaning, as I have experienced. Many are more like Joseph’s brothers than Jonathan was to David. Additionally, my own siblings have been a great distress to me as I have seen in the lives of others I know too. My husband’s sister has been a very dangerous stumbling block to him and me too.

So…it makes sense that the Herods did what they did. The rivalry of the two seeds from the beginning. I wonder if the Herods represent a certain level of leadership in the organization today as opposed to what the Pharisees may represent. Perhaps the Pharisees are the elders and the top leadership is the Herods. Herod is the one that built the glorious temple that Jehovah destroyed in 70 CE. It appears he’s about to do that again to our modern properties. At least have them raided and confiscated.

You’re onto something with your research on the Herod’s.