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That was some real mental gymnastics Song of Hannah. Good for you!
Really fascinating. When you mentioned about it rising over the east moving into the west, I also thought of the sun (it’s a star anyway) and it’s light is totally pervasive even though it itself can only be seen in whatever place it resides at that moment.

I also immediately thought of Peter’s words 2Peter 2:19. “Pay attention to it as as lamp shining in a dark place until day dawns and a daystar rises”.

Didn’t Robert use this scripture to apply to Jesus’ parousia? Correct me, if I’m wrong, Robert, I’m going from memory here.

It’s interesting that he likens his presence to both (if we use the star translation of astrape) a star that rises over the east to the west and a daystar, which I think of as the sun. The only star we see in the daytime.

I’m not sure how Luke 17:20 applies if this is the case because it says “the kingdom is not coming with striking observableness”.

I’m starting to think that this section of scripture has been misinterpreted for a long time. I just wrote a comment on vs 37 about what I found on the “eagle and carcass” reference.

And…as I was looking at that, I was reminded that I had found some information on the one taken and the other abandoned reference which seems to actually indicate that the one who is “taken” is destroyed while the one “left behind” is saved. Bible Hub presents some good translation and commentary on this one too. All this popular talk about the rapture has us thinking being left behind is a bad thing. I always shared Prov. 2:21 with rapture people about righteous being left over in the earth. There is a lot of precedence for the wicked being the ones taken away.

I know there’s something big here, just not clear on it. But your research adds to the intrigue.

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