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Hello all, I’ve just joined this forum. Over the last few years I’ve begun to wake up to the hypocrisy in the organization. Some teachings which were so easily swallowed by all witnesses were hard for me to digest (overlapping generation??). There are many other teachings that I question but they could make posts on their own merit. I now find myself struggling as to how I can go out in service and preach a message I now doubt whilst at the same time believing in the basic Bible truths (no trinity etc). How can I direct ones to obey the GB when I don’t think they are really the FDS ? If the GB tell the congregations to jump the majority of JWs will ask “How high ?” As for me, my response is “Why ?”
I don’t believe in blind obedience without scriptural authority but then again the GB is adept at making the scriptures say something that furthers their own agenda. Maybe if I focus on Jesus ransom, the kingdom solution(avoiding 1914) and the basic truths I can keep the wolves at bay.