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Yeah, some pretty far fetched things being pitched there! So if anyone is ever pitching a specialized understanding of Revelation at you (including myself! 😉 you can check it! Yes, some of it can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but here is a clue for you, and you can start with the…stuff…pitched at you in some of those posts there; for example, the order of things laid out by Jesus in the gospels has some nice parallels to follow in the opening of the seals. The clue is not a big secret, the seals are numbered! So are the angels that announce events! So are the trumpets!

So, while we Witnesses have been a little off on some things (for example-saying some of the anointed are in Heaven already when Paul clearly says that will not happen until the 7th trumpet[1 Cor 15:52], and Jesus says he must first return {‘Son of man comes’}to judge ALL as to being sheep/wheat or goats/weeds[Matt Chapters 13, 24, 25-whole chapters]), we Witnesses are at least on track with the fact that Babylon the Great will be destroyed BEFORE Armageddon. Have a look at Rev. 14:6-16:16 and it lays it all out, you see the 3 announcements made by the angels, good news(we are doing that part now), then “Babylon the Great has fallen!” and “get out of her”, and THEN the Image of the Beast, and THEN the Harvest! So, how can you tell that what happens in chapters 17-19 doesn’t start right after the final events of chapter 16? It starts with ‘one of the angels holding one of the seven bowls’ so that shows you this angel was saying ‘Come here and check this out, that announcement you heard about Babylon the Great falling, well here is the details for how that happens…’ 17-19 are the details for 14:6-16.

In the Bible there are many cases where the story is first told to get the message across, and then it goes into the details more fully; you can see this all the way back in Genesis (reads almost like a repeat, but the repeat has more details than the first telling), and you will find that much of Revelation is laid out the same way…so a couple things to remember, when it was originally written, there were NO CHAPTER AND VERSE NUMBERS, so don’t let those throw you off (like the end of Rev 13 and the first 5 verses of Rev 14). Next, the seals are numbered, so they can NOT happen out of order. The trumpets are all blown AFTER the 7th seal is opened, and Jesus doesn’t come till the 6th seal is opened, so that means we are not even at the 6th seal yet (that’s why the WT announcement a couple years ago that we misunderstood the Coming of Christ to be at 1914, but that it is actually in the future, was a REALLY BIG DEAL)! That means all the stuff that comes after seal-5, that they thought already happened, hasn’t really happened yet! Armageddon happens AT THE END of the 3rd Woe, which is the pouring out of the 7 bowls of God’s Anger; and those 3 Woes are the last 3 trumpet blasts.

Ok well, that should keep you busy for a night or two! hehehe Have fun! Happy reading! and remember, don’t believe everything that ANYONE says, check it in the Bible…and if they don’t give you scriptures, ASK FOR THEM! Remember if you repeat things to others, you are representing both Our King and Our God, so represent them well and keep up the studies and great questions! (Oh, and the Bible clearly states that yes the anointed will be first resurrected to life, and then transferred to Heaven all at once just like Jesus was, but it is also very clear that they will RULE IN HEAVEN. And it does not tell us what they will do after they are done ruling.)