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As my wife and I started to realize how many of the things we were taught are not quite what the Bible says, we had to make the decision to stay or leave. We have both been disfellowshipped more than once as well, so both of us had to make the decision (individually) whether to stay out, or to return, and WHY!

The governing body, as a slave, is faithful in some things, and a couple of those are reasons to stay…
1) The effort in preaching and making the scriptures available in whole or in part to more languages than any other effort of any organization, and likely more than all other organizations put together.

2) From day one, anyone who learns Christianity through this organization is taught to use their Bible as the first source of information. Personal study is encouraged, and through the publications it is taught too, but that could use some work; almost all of us need to do better at teaching others to do personal study and research so new ones can dig deep and build a strong foundation of faith.

3) Paul made clear that OUR ministry (yours and mine) is to be FIRST to those who share our faith, that is ‘fellow Christians’; and he never specified ‘true Christians vs. false Christians’. This organization is known for teaching that we show love to each other, worldwide, and build up and encourage one another. It has a ways to go in practice, but the teaching is there, and it is accurate.

4) Once knowing that the TRUTH is here to be found, a person just has to be willing to pick through the publications and find the things that ARE TRUE, then some of us realize that if we just leave, we have bailed on our brothers and sisters that we claim to love! If we believe Jesus at Matt. 12:36 then how could we not stay around to help our brothers and sisters realize the importance of NOT taking everything that comes out in print and teaching it to others, but instead doing study and research and ONLY teaching things that are truly in line with the Bible?! For my wife, and myself, as long as the organization does not make it MANDATORY to teach lies, then we will remain as long as we can.

Stick with us Brother! 🙂

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