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Sorry if you knew this already, you posed it as a question… ๐Ÿ™‚

.. Pagan practice of shunning etc.

Is the practice of shunning a pagan thing? Didnโ€™t the Bible instruct us at 1 Cor 5:11 to ..โ€stop keeping company with anybody called a brother who is sexually immoral, or a greedy person โ€ฆ not even eating with such a man.โ€ ?

Good job with your reference! The practice of shunning is NOT pagan, you are correct @jwstudent but the WAY it is done is NOT the way Jesus said to do it, nor is it done the way the early Christians did it. Christianity is PERSONAL, and therefore no central individual or group of individuals is supposed to make the choice of shunning FOR US…we are each supposed to be spiritually mature enough to choose to only have as friends those who are lovers of TRUTH, Christ, and God. Jesus showed kindness to sinners to win them to repentance, but He didn’t surround Himself with unrepentant ones; in fact when the Pharisees came around, He acted the same way John the Baptizer did, made a show of how and why they needed repentance! You can see an example/proof of this at Matt. 18:15-17; remember Jesus was speaking to Jews, so for them to treat someone like someone “of the nations” (they didn’t make close friends of, nor eat with gentiles), then that was telling Jews to SHUN unrepentant Jews. On the other hand, the scripture in 1 John about not saying a greeting to one who isn’t bringing the teachings of Christ (that could be in word or action of course), well why would we treat with friendliness someone who is clearly an enemy of Our King, and therefore of Our God as well? Again, that should not require an elder, or body of elders to get us to do it; we should choose to do that as individuals out of our respect for Jesus and Jehovah!

Keep up with your studies! ๐Ÿ™‚