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Hi Burt,

Sorry about the delay in my response. Funny, but I had written nearly a book on this subject, which I had planned to share with you, but then I woke up and realized “Who am I to be teaching you?”

You know the scriptures as much as I do, if not more. So doubtful what I say will be new to you, or even if it is, you may not view it the same as I do. And lastly but most importantly, as your sister, it is really not my place at all.

But I will share, that I can relate to your plight. As I also have a question which I have been dearly wanting an answer to. I’ve been praying to receive a response for over a year now, yet the answer still alludes me!

Remember the other day when I shared with you about my wondering if “afflicting our souls” might have a bearing? Well my thought was, Jehovah doesn’t put those details in the scriptures for nothing. So I am trying that. And the longer I go without an answer, the more I am going to afflict it. Hope he doesn’t wait too long to answer… lol.