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What a great subject Burt!

Indeed, sone prayers I’ve seen an answer to almost immediately, and then others go unanswered for weeks. I got to reading, and noticed those who really wanted an answer from Jehovah “afflicted their soul”. I wonder about this, because as JWs this is not really apart of our culture. But maybe it should be? And maybe that’s the element that is missing? I think of Ahab at 1 Kings 21, for instance. Maybe then we would get a greater hearing? Seems worth testing out, for those prayers we just can’t seem to get an answer to…

Daisy reminded me of my own experience I had, years ago. I was sitting in front of a sister at a convention, who I got the chance to meet and converse with during lunch. She expressed how happy she was to be there, but she was getting another one of her terribly painful headaches, and couldn’t concentrate enough on the program to enjoy it. I felt so bad for her, and I could see in her eyes that she was really suffering. So I silently emplored Jehovah “Could you please lift this sister’s headache? Look how much she loves you, and how far she’s traveled to be here. Could you just lift it, just for once, this day?”

After the session, I didn’t even have a chance to asked her how she was, before she turned around and told me “Wasn’t that a wonderful program? And it’s amazing, my headache went away right after lunch! That never happens!” I never told her of course. But it sold me, on the power of prayer, that day.