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Not all lightning is sky to ground. In fact, most lightning is cloud to cloud and can be seen from a great distance.

Thanks for correcting me on that, Robert. But that’s not the thing that really bothers me about it. Oddly, of this light, Jesus states specifically that it “comes out of the east and shines over to the west”. Yet as a rule, lightning is completely random (not to mention being fleeting and transitory). But a shining “day star”, why it would fit this statement perfectly. And that along with the use of astrapé for a lamp in Luke 11:36 has me pretty convinced.

I take Jesus’ comparison to mean that the chosen ones will not have to travel to any location on earth to find him. He will not be in the wilderness or inner rooms as the false prophets will declare. His presence will be un-containable, like the lightning that streaks across the whole sky, so that those to whom he wishes to reveal himself will see his presence.

I like your explanation too. 🙂