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A while ago, after ministry, I jumped on a bus to get home. A retired gentleman sat down next to me and brought up the subject of politics to which I replied that it wasn’t an interest of mine due to my love of the Bible. We chatted quite a while when suddenly, I was astounded at a couple of sentences he said to me. His words were an answer to a prayer. I had put a dilemma I had in prayer and here was this total stranger’s few words giving me direction as to making a decision. he was none the wiser of course, but I was, and I made a right decision on the strength of what he said.
On another occasion, I switched on my radio to listen to my favourite phone-in station and somebody had switched channels and a song struck up whose words in their entirety, answered another of my prayers regarding a problem I urgently needed resolving. Strange but true.
I’ve questioned the efficacy of prayer over the years, when aircraft fell out of the skies killing hundreds, when ships sank in the oceans, when babies died of diseases and starvation in their thousands, when wars erupted, but then knowing God’s name, his purpose and his will has put things into perspective, that this human condition we all experience is nothing at all to do with Him.
So what I’m hoping to convey by my post is that our prayers are answered …but that we need to become involved and assertive in making them come to fruition.
Hope that makes sense as I’m very tired.