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It’s useful to preach on internet about Jehovah projects, if not, why the presence of enemy’s of Jehovah are so huge on the net, demons and their supporters never works hard for nothings. Some website are honest, but most of them destroy the remainder faith of the God’s sheep ,to much people not understand that the problem is the hyper confidence in man whose cause the problem, spiritual man leaders can betray us, never God but they mix both.
If you are unfairly disfellowshipped you can continue to preach openly, if you are not yet, you can show anonymously on the net that you not agreed with WatchTower manulative lies at least Jehovah know who your are. You can speak directly to help some brother but you had no margin for error to the risk to be delated.
Don’t wait the collapse of WT to be honest and show Jehovah on which camp we stay, be careful and use wisely you’re actions.
It will take from Jehovah a fews formidables actions powers to show the truth to our brothers and sisters, so if we are modest Jehovah can use us.