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Jehovah is the hearer of prayer and as such he answers, but he answers the prayers that are according to His will and related to the kingdom. When I was in the full time service I saw many times Jehovah’s hand in what I was doing and even now I have seen His help in my dayly fight to remain loyal. On the other hand I have felt that sometimes and from time to time Jehovah lift his protection and we are tempted and bitten by our own imperfections. I have personally prayed for some of those weaknesses to be lifted from me or to have more help to be able to never have to dealt with it anymore so it is my personal experience that I do receive the help then I feel strong and confident and then again out of the blue I feel like I’m left in the dark to fence by myself. Over the years this personal fight against my own imperfections have made me more humble and have drowned me closer to Jehovah and I’m a stronger JW now that I was 28 year ago. It has not been nice or easy by any means I have felt many times completely forgotten by Jehovah, but I have learned that during those test He is watching and eventually I have the strength again to face the challenge. So how can we be aware that Jehovah answers prayers? I think we could be aware in the sence that after many years of fighting to remain loyals we are still standing… that in itself it’s a miracle.