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Personally, I don’t donate any more to the WT. I do think it is a personal choice, however. Like mentioned the point is to give from your heart. I don’t see how if you feel like giving to them that you should feel guilty. Like Robert mentioned Jehovah knows what’s in your heart. Jehovah appreciates ALL acts of kindness, mercy and generosity. The widow gave all she had out of love while others gave of their surplus. It was a sacrifice out of love.

Yes much of the funding the WT demands is going to Pedophile court cases, for example, but there is still a NEED for donations to spread what there still is abour the Good News. Of course it’s absolutely enraging that they ask us to give when it may be used for something evil. But in the end as long as we are displaying a loving attitude, an open heart and putting others above ourselves, we are following Jesus commission.

I suppose in my heart though, I can’t bring myself to give anymore to the WT. It may be some embitterment I have to deal with sadly, I don’t really know. Regardless of where the money would be going, to something worthwile or corrupt. That’s just how I feel at the moment. I give to other sources of need, like our local Food Bank for example.

Like Burt mentioned I also did not contribute a substancial amount financially to the WT before. I probably gave more through buying coffees and donating gas money to brothers and sisters while out in service 😉