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I think it’s an excellent idea Ken. I have already started to share Robert’s articles and videos on my Facebook. I noticed that too, that many JW’s who awaken to TTAT turn away from Jehovah. Being bruised and battered so to speak like Hannah implied there is often no where to turn, in fact that’s what I was told by the elders. “Where will you go? Without the WT you will die in the world.” Was a very touching moment.

Many still want to preach but can’t do so within the confines of the organization, therefore are starving for a spiritual outlet. The internet is certainly an optimal tool in that regard. Precisely why the WT has turned to the digital world. The more people that can be reached the better! Jehovah appreciates ANY way we are able to spread the Truth. It’s about reaching hearts and helping people see that they aren’t alone.

There is somewhere to turn, Jehovah has blessed us with that through Robert. “Door to Door is fishing with a rod, the internet allows you to fish with a net, no pun intended. Optimizing Google to help those who are searching for the truth to find it, will bear more results than bothering someone who isn’t interested at ten in the morning.” Exactly.

The issue is about utilizing ALL of the tools we have to get the Truth out there πŸ™‚