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I have to say, and I sincerely mean no offence or disrespect here at all, but I think that “preaching” on the internet is a vary lazy way of preaching. Sitting in the comfort of one’s own home, drinking tea whilst typing on a keyboard is a bit of a cop out. Jesus and his disciples went out and physically preached to people, which I think is a much more effective way of preaching as you have the person face-to-face with you. Who knows perhaps if the Internet was available when Jesus was conducting his three year ministry on earth, he may have used it. But for me, I think it’s a lazy way of preaching. My attitude could be just because I have recently been announced as an unbaptised publisher, so knocking on doors is still “exciting” for me. Perhaps in a few years I might have a different perspective on it.


1 Corinthians 4:12 Now there are different gifts, but there is the same spirit; and there are different ministries, and yet there is the same Lord; and there are different activities, and yet it is the same God who performs them all in everyone. But the manifestation of the spirit is given to each one for a beneficial purpose. For to one is given speech of wisdom through the spirit, to another speech of knowledge according to the same spirit,

Technology didn’t exist when Jesus was here, so to say that he wouldn’t have utilized it isn’t true, Jehovah wants people to worship from spirit and truth, hours and sweat in service don’t prove you have faith. If I spend 6 hours creating a YouTube video that will teach people the truth, and then it goes on to reach over ten thousand people, who has provided a greater witness? the man who spent six hours in the heat and only spoke to ten people or the man who was able to reach thousands? Door to Door is fishing with a rod, the internet allows you to fish with a net, no pun intended.

Optimizing Google to help those who are searching for the truth to find it, will bear more results than bothering someone who isn’t interested at ten in the morning.

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