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In the parable of the “rich man and Lazarus” the rich man is first one of great power and Lazarus is a lowly one with many sins, so much so, he is cast out of the rich man’s house. But then those events reverse. Later we find the rich man has lost his turban and has been cast low. What was high has become low. But also, what is low has become high. Lazarus, once lowly has been chosen to become the “faithful and discreet slave” essentially. Lazarus has the “legal right” because he represents Jesus Christ at the second coming. Note John 1:18 describes Christ as the “only-begotten god in the BOSOM position of the Father.” Well, we see Lazarus depicted in the bosom position of the father Abraham.

Great observation indeed! Yes I think you are on to something here. Also, I never remembered the account saying Lazarus had been thrown out of the rich man’s house, but after re-reading it and checking the interlinear, and then the Greek concordance, there is indeed a strong case for it.

Kingdom Interlinear:
Lu 16:20 “πτωχὸς Poor (one) δέ but τις some ὀνόματι to name Λάζαρος Lazarus ἐβέβλητο had been thrown πρὸς toward τὸν the πυλῶνα gate αὐτοῦ of him εἱλκωμένος having been ulcerated.”

The concordance:
“ἐβέβλητο Thrown, cast, with force or effort”

Thanks for your excellent contribution! Any more you or anyone else would like to share? 🙂