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If Jesus preached to those spirits in Tartarus, does that mean there is hope even for them? Else what effect would preaching have other than a ridiculing: “Haha you are doomed, just saying!” Seems like rubbing salt into the wounds. Also I thought that the demons in existence today are fallen angels. Are they all in Tartarus? If so, can they influence us even from there? Is Satan in Tartarus with them? If not, we was he allowed to roam free but his friends weren’t?

Good question. When considering Peter’s context, Christ went to them after his resurrection and after his human death. I can only imagine there was something new they didn’t know about but needed to know. Maybe their situation changed after Christ’s resurrection and Christ was informing them of some definite circumstances now in place.

Maybe after Christ’s resurrection and his higher position of authority, Jehovah left it up to him to decide when these wicked angels would be put to death and the nature of their bonds and imprisonment, in which case Christ, as the legal authority, were updating them on the newly in place decisions being made regarding Satan and the demons, etc. Maybe they were to have a role in the final rebellion against Christ after the 1000-year reign of Christ. Or possibly, they would be participants in the final battle in heaven between Michael and Satan, or be witnesses to it. Maybe Jesus was informing them about their final trial and death. Anyway, something that they needed to know or that God wanted them to know now that Christ had died and risen.

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