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JW Student, first of all, I want to say Welcome! So glad you found our little congregation of us broken & bandaged ones!

You are absolutely right, preaching face to face is always a superior way to preach the Good News of the Kingdom. But remember, early on JWs used radio and all kinds of other means to disseminate Bible truth. Now there is even JW TV.

But there is another option to consider. Many of us have a ministry of searching for discouraged or stumbled Witnesses, who see all manner of wickedness occurring within God’s household, all the while being told we live in a “spiritual paradise”. That being the case, many of them don’t feel comfortable voicing their concerns to those around them – so where do they go? To the internet, where they can remain anonymous. It’s those ones we so desperately want to reach out to, before their candle gets completely snubbed out. So that’s why Ken’s idea is really an excellent one, for this kind of ministry.

Indeed, this site has saved many a person’s faith. When you have a moment, I highly recommend giving the guestbook a read. So many amazing stories of faith there!