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Thank you so much for that vary helpful and interesting reply. The “Lake of Fire” concerns me as I know that is one of the scriptures that those who believe in Hell use to show of its existence. But am I right in thinking that “Lake of Fire” just refers to a total destruction, rather than a torment in flames for all eternity?

We know the lake of fire is symbolic because as Revelation 20 says, once the dead at the second resurrection come forth out of Hades (hell, man’s common grave) then death and Hades, two concepts, are also thrown into the lake of fire. Also Satan is cast into the lake of fire and thus destroyed, and it is specifically called the “second death” in relation to the final death of those who come back during the 2nd resurrection. Also, the false prophet and the 666-breast are cast into this symbolic lake of fire.

So the lake of fire symbolizes final and absolute destruction. But you have to admit that sense it is also described as a place of torment throughout eternity it adds fuel to the concept of Hell or Hades being that place of torment.

Even so, we must address the concept of eternal torment. I tend to relate to the saying “rest in peace.” in addition, there is a pop culture idea about ghosts being some humans who died but still have some unfinished business to do and thus they are not at “rest.” (I know, horrible example). But it relates to the moment of death, dying peacefully and peacefully letting go in a state of contentment or being forced to die and dying in a state of mental anguish and situational anguish.

When a person is dead, they are not conscious of anything. But when those alive think of them, they may think of them as being at peace, their worries and concerns being over and them resting from their anxieties, even though they are not conscious. By contrast, Satan is not at rest. Those cast into the lake of fire were in anguish at the time of their deaths and when we reflect on them we reflect on them as being punished and in torment. So the torment is not literal but certainly conceptual. They are not “resting in peace” and fondly remembered. It is as if their last memory was in torment and so they are forever in a symbolic torment.