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Something that confuses me is when the Bible, and indeed the Watchtower Society, says that the world’s armies will be gathered together to fight against Jehovah. What exactly will the world’s armies be fighting? Jehovah’s Witnesses? Angels?

Very good question. Turns out the “war” of Har-Mageddon is more a doctrinal conflict than a physical conflict. Recall how Christ is depicted as arriving on a white horse and he strikes the “nations” with the long sword of his mouth and he goes forward to conquer them. The Bible also speaks of Christ striking the nations with an iron rod. The long sword coming out of the mouth of Christ represents his teachings and exposing false teachings. He conquers the “nations” with that sword, meaning those who are in association with false prophets. But this is a battle of words and thus doctrine and Bible understanding, a battle of concepts and Biblical truth and not a physical war.

When Christ arrives, he comes to separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the weeds, the good fish from the worthless fish, the wise virgins from the foolish virgins. The battle of Har-Mageddon is the culmination of that process. When the true sheep and the true wheat are separated from the goats and the false sheep. The confrontation occurs when Christ conquers the false teachings of the apostate “nations” and exposes those false teachings as well as the nations themselves as being spiritually apostate. Since the WTS is a central focus of Christ’s activities, key battles of doctrinal truth will be tween Christ and the false teachings of the WTS.

The 666-beast coming out of the sea represents Christendom; the lamb-dragon beast that becomes the false prophet, represents the organization associated with the “earth,” meaning God’s temple and thus Jehovah’s Witnesses. After both have been conquered by Christ doctrinally, they are cast into the lake of fire “while still alive.” Technically, that is what is happening to Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. They are being outlawed quite quickly. Babylon the Great is to suffer the same fate at the hands of the UN, so this might be the beginning of the end of organized religion in a globalist world run by the UN.

But note Revelation 16 very specifically. The battle of Har-Mageddon takes place while the 666-beast and the false prophet are active. But it is after this battle that Babylon the Great is destroyed by the UN. Therefore, Har-Mageddon officially begins before BTG is destroyed by the UN and the battle of Har-Mageddon does not destroy the 666-beast and the false prophet, which are destroyed when Babylon the Great is destroyed by the UN.

So one way to understand this is that the doctrinal battle of bible truth and interpretation will take place during Har-Mageddon, which will then lead into the final events of the destruction of Babylon the Great by the UN and eventually end of the political world powers. Thus the “nations” who fight with Christ are primarily a reference to the apostate witnesses and religious leaders teaching false doctrines that Christ exposes when he returns. He conquers them with his superior understanding of the Bible, represented by a sharp sword coming out of his mouth.

There is also the issue of the specific references to the “sea” and to the “earth.” The earth is associated with God’s temple and thus the WTS. So when Rev. 16:14 speaks of the “kings of the entire inhabited EARTH” it may be a specific reference to the “kings” or rulers over the WTS. Thus the battle between Christ and the “kings of the earth” has a focus between Christ and the GB of JW. That’s the true focus of the battle of Har-mageddon. Christ exposing the WTS’ false teachings and conquering them and rejecting them. At the same time, the false teachings of Christendom are also exposed by Christ at a time prior to the destruction of Babylon the Great at the hands of the UN.

So in the beginning, Har-Mageddon is almost a spiritual event, an academic event, a legal event or battle, not a physical one and thus not that obvious. It could be said to be a battle that is fought on paper and won on paper.